What'd I miss?!

Good morning everyone,

The weather is looking fallish (or autumnish if you're British). We can expect mostly cloudy skies today with a high of 25C. It'll clear up tomorrow afternoon and we should see the mercury climb back up to around 29C. The next few days are looking the same-highs in the high 20s with a mix of sun and cloud. But the best part is the humidity dropped while I was away! Woo hoo! I'm sleeping like a baby at night now!

So, what else happened while I was away? What did I miss? Anything?

I could never really get online to check the news-it was an effort just to get on and quickly write my blog before I lost the connection or my friends were hounding me to do something. And I didn't miss the internet at all. Sure, it's nice to keep up with the news, but otherwise I can take it or leave it. I didn't once check 'facebook' and, to be honest, I still haven't since I got back to Japan and I'm ok with that...

I do like to keep up with the news though. As far as I can tell I missed two big news stories. One devastating and one fantastic.

The devastating news story was the typhoon that hammered Japan from Kinki up. It was the first time in recent memory that a typhoon actually caused fatalities.
 man yi pic2
I missed the details but it was four I think. That's so terrible. And then when I was chatting with my mom she mentioned that something like over half a million people were evacuated due to the flooding, storm surge and fear of landslides. Is that true? Unbelievable!
man yi pic1 

On one hand, I'm glad I missed it but on the other I feel a bit guilty for enjoying myself on the beach while people were experiencing such misery back in Japan. But only a bit...if we let things like that affect us, we'd never be happy, right? There's always some misery somewhere at sometime...

But in Hiroshima we got the best news we've had since the new Climax Series system was introduced...the Carp actually qualified for it for the first time. That's awesome. I won't go into the...well, stupid/silly/idiotic, handicapping system that the NBP has put in place which makes it almost impossible for the 3rd place team to win its league championship. I'll save that rant for another day. Today I'll bask in the pleasure of seeing my team in the playoffs for the first time this decade century millennium...ha ha!
carp cs 
Go Carp!

Have a great day!

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