October Holidays (not mine)

Good morning everyone,

Well, today is going to be nice-it'll pretty much be a carbon copy of yesterday. Then the typhoon that's headed our way will probably start affecting the weather Tuesday afternoon and we'll see wind and rain from Tuesday around lunchtime until sometime on Wednesday. It's a bit early to say how strong it is or how close it'll come to Hiroshima. I'll keep you posted.

So, there are some pretty neat holidays/observance days in October. Unfortunately for us, I was a bit busy at the beginning of the month so we missed a couple already. I'll let you know about them, just so you can prepare in time for next year!  Ha ha!

World Sake Day-October 1st
world sake day
I'm so sorry that we missed this one. It was created by the Japanese Sake Brewer's Association to increase awareness of Japan's national tipple. If you missed it too, don't worry!  Next weekend is the Saijo Sake Festival where you can drink as much sake as you'd like from all over Japan. Just be careful!  That stuff makes your legs wobbly!

World Vegetarian Day-October 1st
Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory. I'm not sorry I  missed this one. Ha ha!  While I've definitely cut down on the amount of meat that I  eat, I'll never become a vegetarian...again. I did it for 6 months when I  was in university and was dating a really hot chick who was a vegetarian. It was worth it at the time, but never again!  ha ha!

Walk to Work Day-October 4th (Australia)
walk to work day
On this day, the Australian government wants all the fatties down under to get out of their cars and off their fat butts and walk to work!  They should too! Aussies-despite their image as being active and outdoorsy-are the third fattest country in the world! Over 60% of Aussies are considered obese. 

National Coming Out Day-October 11th
national coming out day
First of all, I have to teach you what 'being in the closet means'. It means to keep your sexual orientation hidden from the world. Then, it is considered a rite of passage for those who belong to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transsexual) Community to 'come out of the closet' which is shortened to 'coming out'. The day is celebrated and observed to help increase awareness and acceptance for all people-regardless of what your sexual preferences are.

Global Handwashing Day-October 15th
global handwashing day
Do we need a day for this?  Apparently we do. Obviously, this observance day is to educate children in poverty-stricken areas around the world about how diseases and germs are spread. I'm all for it!  Over 70 countries take part in this 'day' every year and if it saves even one life, it's worth it, right?

National Nut Day-October 22nd
national nut day
Hmmm...do you know the nuts above?  Of course! it should be easy. Nut growers want you to give up your burgers this day and instead, get your protein from their nuts! I don't know about you, but I  still can't get past the idea that nuts are just as fatty as a burger. I  know. I  know. The fat in nuts is 'healthy fat', but still...I can't get it out of my head. The only way I  like to eat nuts is when they are covered in chocolate...ha ha!

Well, I'm sorry that we missed about half of them this month.  I'll try to get the November ones posted around the end of October so we can prepare properly!  Hopefully there is a National BBQ  Day in November because we're going to miss the October one this year...sorry.

Have a great day!

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