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Good morning everyone,

Well, it's looking more and more like Wednesday is going to be a typhoon kind of day. Today we will see some rain late in the day, but that's about it. I suppose we can't complain if we get a big storm-we're kind of due. It seems like every other part of Japan-except Hiroshima-has been getting hit with floods, tornados, typhoons or earthquakes and we're so safe here. Well, Wednesday might be payback...keep an eye out! After that...who knows? Ha ha!

So, are you married? A newlywed? In a serious relationship? About to get in one?

You might want to read on to see if you do/have done/might do any of these...if you do/have/might, you should change. These are common mistakes we make in relationships and it's a good idea to avoid them if you want to keep your relationship ticking along smoothly...

Mistake #1: Not Dealing With Debt
Money is the #1 thing couples fight about. That's right! Money. Not sex. Not in-laws. Not kids. Not staying out too late. Money. So, fess up about your personal debt -- because you get married for better or worse.

Mistake #2: Alienating Your Friends

alienating friends
Friends are key for a successful marriage, so tag along on those girls' nights out or guys' night out. Just because you're not guy/girl-hunting doesn't mean you can't be a supportive wingwoman or wingman. Go out and have fun without your partner every now and then.

Mistake #3: Not Having Enough Sex

no sex
Over 60 percent of newlyweds are already in a sex rut! Yeah, you're busy, but that's not a good enough excuse not to get busy (meaning to 'have sex'). Initiate sex, even if you don't feel like it or have to schedule it. If you get in the habit of having it, you'll start wanting it (and liking it) more.

Mistake #4: Letting Yourself Go

let yourself go
So you put on the "newlywed nine." (this is in 'American', which means 9 pounds-in every other country, it's about 5kgs) You don't put on make-up anymore. You haven't had your hair done in months. Big whoop...you've already found your mate, right? Wrong! Make a plan to get fit together or at least respect each other's goals.

Mistake #5: Outlawing the In-Laws

in law
Fifty percent of couples surveyed have a problematic relationship with their in-laws (ya' think?). Only 50%!? Even if your spouse is bitching about his/her family, resist the urge to chime in. It'll bite you in the butt later. Just go and visit. It won't be as painful as NOT going! Ha ha!

Mistake #6: Crazy Fighting

couple fighting
Getting hitched isn't a free pass to hit below the belt. Make sure you fight fair! When you're getting really heated, walk away to cool down for a few minutes.

Mistake #7: Becoming Baby-Obsessed

new baby
It's easy to fixate on that next big step, but chill out -- the average couple has a kid within three years of marriage. So really, why rush? Savor the moments (and vacations you can take!) now...when you won't have to be waking up for a brutal 4 a.m. feeding.

Avoid making these 7 mistakes and you will have a happier relationship!

That's advice from a single guy I know. But even still, I've been in a relationship or two and I know these things...

Have a great day!

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