That could have been a bit awkward...

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday ended up a little hot and humid, didn't it? And the weather for today is actually looking better than they had for ecast. Today will be mostly cloudy with some sunny periods and a high around 29C. The rain will come tomorrow though-in fact they are calling for rain most of the day. The weekend is still looking nice but a lot cooler with highs around 25C or 26C and lows in the mid-teens.

One of the strange things about being an English teacher or student in Japan is that you end up having conversations with people that you normally wouldn't talk to in your day-to-day life.

Have you ever had a lesson with someone who was crazy about something that you had no interest in? Or someone who was way further up the social scale than you? I have. Of course I can pull it off, that's my job. Sometimes it's hard to pretend to be interested in someone's collection of kinder egg toys though (especially when that person is a grown man)! Ha ha!

However, the most awkward classes for me are with teenage girls. I have a few students who are in high school and because they finish school at the same time, I can usually put them into a class together. But sometimes I can't, and I end up having a private class with one of them.

I feel like it sounds like this...ha ha!

The lower level students are no problem. The lesson is just basic question and answer stuff like, "What kind of music do you like?" (Of course the hard part in those lessons is that I've never heard of any of the music they listen to-but that would be no different if I were back in Canada-I have no idea what Canadian teenagers are listening to these days either...).

Yesterday I was in a class with a girl who is headed to university next year and her English is pretty good. Therefore we were having a slightly more natural conversation and talking about stuff like, "What are you up to this weekend?".

Don't get me wrong, the conversation was completely innocent and there was no misunderstanding on her part.
I just wonder what her mother would have thought if she had been listening to some 'ojisan' (that's me) ask her daughter about her weekend plans! ha ha!

Have a great day!

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