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Good morning everyone,

Well, it's a wet day out there. I was planning on getting in a run of around 15km or 16km today, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. It should stop raining later today and the rest of the week is looking better. It'll be a mix of sun and clouds and highs around 25C or so for the rest of the week. The mornings will start getting a bit chilly by the end of the weekend though.

Did you ever buy something and then not really use it? I'm sure we're all guilty of this to some degree...

In the US, the top ten things that people spend money on and then don't use or don't get their money's worth out of. (To get your 'money's worth', you would feel that the benefit you got was more than the money you spent).

#1 Gym memberships
gym membership
People often sign up for gym memberships and then don't use them nearly as often as they thought they would. We justify it by saying, "If I sign up for an expensive gym, the cost will force me to go!". Ahhh...no...sorry, it doesn't work that way. Trust me! I know! Ha ha! Don't do it! Make sure you have the time and energy to go before you sign up.

#2 Extended warranties
extended warranty
This one surprised me. I always get the extended warranty, but studies have shown that they aren't good value for most people. Most products don't break down during the extended warranty period and the ones that do cost-on average-the same as the warranty. Therefore, generally they aren't worth it. For some people they might be worth the peace of mind though...

#3 Home exercise equipment
home exercise equipment
Actually this is one that I haven't wasted my money on-mostly because I remember my childhood and the tonnes of rowing machines, bicycles, steppers, etc. that were in our house from my mother's efforts to exercise at home. They all became expensive dust collectors...ha ha!

#4 Canned foods
canned foods
I don't know about this one. Is it a waste? But apparently millions of Americans buy canned soup and put it in their cupboards and then never use it. I'm a bit guilty of buying a lot at one time-I probably have about 10 cans of soup and vegies in my cupboards, but I always use them before they go bad.

#5 Coupons/Group deals
group deals
These are a bit tough to explain because I never see them in Japan. Basically a company will offer a discount to a certain number of people for a short time if a group of people agree to buy the same thing. It's like getting a 10% discount if we buy 100 lunch sets. What happens is that we buy this 'great deal' online and then never actually make it to the store before the deal expires to get our money's worth. It's a complete waste of money if you don't do it.

#6 Swimming pools
swimming pool
It's amazing the number of swimming pools there are in Canada. Especially when you consider that we can only use them for about three or four months of the year. They are expensive to maintain and take up half of your yard sometimes. If you're an avid swimmer, it might be worth it, otherwise they're a waste of money!

#7 Kitchen Gadgets
kitchen gadgets
I'm one of the worst for these. It's amazing that I don't have a blender in my home. I've got a coffee maker that I never use, a bread maker that I used to use almost every week but haven't used recently and a Yonanas that I use all the time. That's only a 33% success rate...not very good, is it? Do you have any gadgets that you don't use in your kitchen?

#8 Books
This one isn't me. I read every book I buy. Many of them I read again and again...but apparently some people buy books and never read them. They buy books because they're popular or because they feel like they 'should' read them and then never do. If you have any like that, send them my way! I'll read them!

#9 Clothes
I'm guessing this is true for most people. I have a few clothes at home that I've hardly ever worn. Actually I used to be pretty good at buying stuff and then wearing it a lot. Since I started living in Japan, I've become more aware of 'fashion' and now I think about what's in style much more than I ever did at home and sometimes end up wearing something only once or twice (not very often, but sometimes). 

#10 Apps
That's right! People download tonnes of apps and fill up their phones with them, use them once and then never open them again. Not me. If I find an app that I don't use more than once, I delete it. I hate having my phone cluttered with useless apps. That's one of the big things I love about my smartphone-I only keep the stuff on it that I like and actually use. My old phone was full of stuff that I never used!

How many of these things have you ever wasted money on? If you say none, it means you waste money AND are a liar! Ha ha! Don't be embarrassed! We all waste money every now and then...

Have a great day!

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I bought a exercise machine named "Leg Magic". I'd used it for a while. But now I'm using it as a tool used for hanging my bags. In one way, I got my money's worth because it's convenient to tidy them up!! :D

Re: No title

Do you have 'Leg Magic'? Really?! I was thinking about buying it, but there's no space in my apartment...ha ha! Good thing I didn't!