I'm going to buy a new printer...

Good morning everyone,

It's a gorgeous day out there! And it's looking like the rest of the weekend will be the same. In fact, except for Typhoon 26 which is headed our way, the whole week is looking great. It's a bit too early to tell where the typhoon will hit exactly. We'll have a better idea about it's route after the weekend. In all likelihood, it'll pass north or south of us...they always do! ha ha!

Want to make a gun or a pizza?

Well, in the future all you'll need is a printer. In fact, it isn't that far in the future. Technically you could print a gun using a 3D printer now.
3d gun
However, the cost of the printer is around $2500. You can buy a gun for about $200.

I did a quick check and you can now order 3D printers on Amazon! It's not the future. It's already happening!

So what the heck is a 3D printer. In fact, it's not really a printer at all.
3d printer
But what it does do is make products from digital images so, in theory, it could make anything you can download from your computer if you have the right 'ingredients' in your printer. You couldn't make a frying pan if you only had plastic in your printer. 

 It manufactures products using materials that are inserted into the machine (so it's similar to a printer). Up till now we've made products by cutting and stamping them and making moulds. That way is so expensive and intrusive (for making someone a new jaw for example), but with this system you can make anything from a scan and a 3D image. The opportunities are limitless! They'll be able to make new body parts for people within the next twenty years!

Some day it'll be cheap to print things at home too, so you'll be able to order a sweater online and 'print' it out immediately at home and wear it out for dinner.

In fact, NASA is now planning on sending a 3D printer into space so that they can test whether it can make food for astronauts or people planning on starting a settlement on Mars. (I'm not making this up!) Apparently the food products have a shelf-life of 30 years. And, yes, they really are trying to make a pizza.
3d pizza
What would you make with your 3D printer? I'd definitely print off a girlfriend, like her...

leafs girl
...she's hot and she likes the Maple Leafs! She's perfect! 

Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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