One down, two to go...

Good morning everyone,

It's looking like another gorgeous fall day out there. It's a bit cool out right now but should get up to around 26C. Enjoy it because we'll see windy and rainy weather most of Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Typhoon 26 will, as usual, miss us, but it will still affect the weather here for a couple of days. It's kind of funny actually. If you look at the route, the typhoon seemed to be heading our way but now it'll take a sharp right turn like it realized, "Oh! That's Hiroshima! Typhoons don't hit Hiroshima!", and then changed direction! Ha ha!
Typhoon 26
From Thursday through the weekend the weather will be cool but slowly warming up till we see highs in the mid 20s by next weekend.

Did you see the game yesterday!?

Well, if you didn't and if you've been living under a rock for the past two days, the Carp have advanced to the Final Stage of the Climax Series! (Don't even get me started on how a 'climax' series can have two stages...ha ha!)

Anyway, the Carp rolled into Osaka and routed the Hanshin Tigers. The first game was an 8-1 embarrassment and yesterday's game was 7-4 which looks closer than it really was. The Carp closer allowed a two-run homerun in the 9th.
carp macho man
But the game was never in doubt from about the fifth inning. Up till that point, the Tigers were clinging onto a one-run lead. Then Hiroshima's bats woke up and belted in a couple of runs. In Japanese baseball, teams are allowed a maximum of 4 non-Japanese players-two pitchers and two fielders. For the past few years, we've had great pitching but the guys swinging the bats were useless...till this year. They aren't the best batters in the league, but they are key when it comes to clutch-hitting and they showed it again yesterday.

After that, it seemed just like a matter of finishing the game. The Tigers looked like a team that was expecting to lose. They were slouched over and their body-language was terrible-it was like they had already given up...

Anyway, that is one series down! The Carp will be heading to Tokyo to take on the powerhouse Giants starting Tuesday. I'm hoping they can pull off a miracle and beat the Giants too!
hiroshima carp
Go Carp!

Have a great day!
carp tumbler
PS I wonder how many of these glasses they'll sell today? I'm even thinking of buying one (just thinking-there is no way in the world, I'd ever spend that much money on a glass)...but still, it's kind of cool...

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