My body is giving out...

Good morning everyone,

Well, it's another one of those days...I've been up since about 5:00 staring at the screen but can't find any inspiration to write, maybe I'll take the day off...oh wait! If I'm writing this, it's too late! I can't take the day off! Ha ha!

Oh well, now that I've started I may as well go ahead and write something...

Let's start with the basics. Yes, there's a typhoon coming and yes, it's going to miss us. It will make things a bit windy and rainy here today and into tomorrow morning, but that's about it. Thursday and the weekend should be sunny and warm!

You know how you wake up some mornings and your neck is sore because you slept funny? Well, that happened to me a couple of days ago with my neck and my hip.

Now my neck is just slightly stiff, but my hip feels worse and worse. It's strange. My hip doesn't bother me when I'm sitting, lying or standing, but when I move from one to position to another I feel like my hip is about 90 years old. In English we have an expression, "You're only as old as you feel". It is supposed to make people stop worrying about their age-it's just a number-and to make them feel better about themselves, because people are remaining active much older than they used to.

Well, we also joke about that expression, we say, "It's lucky that we aren't as old as we feel, otherwise I'd be dead!" Ha ha! Can you understand the joke? Basically this person is saying that their body is in such bad shape that they 'feel like a dead person'. It's a bit tough to explain in a few words, but that is how I feel today.

My neck aches from sleeping funny. My right foot is throbbing-I think I have a stress fracture. My knees are swollen. And now, on top of that, my hip feels like it's full of broken glass. I don't think I'll be striding across the finish line of the marathon in a couple of weeks looking like a future Olympic runner to the cheers of the crowd!
marathon runner 

I'll look more like the guy who just won't quit and garners sympathy from everyone watching...ha ha!

marathon finsiher
Have a great day!

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