Sayonara Takashi Yanase

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If you felt like last week was still a bit hot and humid, you'll love the weather this week. Today and tomorrow it'll only get up to 212C or 22C. The highest we'll see the mercury get is around 24C and lows in the mornings will be 10C or so. Time to dig out your Fall fashion if you haven't already. As for me, it means I won't be wearing my sandals anymore. I'll be switching to sneakers, but I'm still sticking with shorts for another week or so.

Takashi Yanase passed away in a Tokyo hospital on Sunday. He was 94. Do you recognize the name?
Yanase Takashi
I'll give you a hint, he worked at Mitsukoshi and wrote a newspaper column...

Oh...and he also designed this character...
Yanase, originally from Kochi, first created Anpanman in 1969-before I was even born! And he grew into the most lovable character in Japan for Japanese children. In fact, the tv show was the most popular show for children in Japan for 10 years running from 1991 to 2011.

You can find Anpanman's face on every children's product imaginable from toys to snacks and everything in between.

Yanase also created a few works of poetry and prose along with contributing to other cartoons and comic books. However he will forever be remembered for 'Anpanman'.

Anpan is a bread roll filled with sweet red bean jam and during and after the war, Yanase was faced with starvation many times. During those times, he dreamt of eating anpan and that was the basis for creating Anpanman. Anpanman is a superhero (the cape and tights are a dead giveaway! Ha ha!) who protects the local village from his enemies.

In order to keep the series fresh, they often add new characters. Can you name all of them? I doubt it! Ha ha! Over 1,798 different characters that have appeared on the series during it's over 1000 episodes!
anpanman members
Even though Takashi Yanase has passed away, his legacy will live on forever in the characters he created for the young (and young-at-heart). He will never be forgotten.

Have a great day! And have an 'anpan'! I will!
This is the sweet pastry that originally inspired the program.

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