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Did you hear about the damage and loss of life from the 26th typhoon of the year in Tokyo and the surrounding area? Landslides and swollen rivers have swept over a dozen people away and at least fifty or so are still won't find me complaining about the wind from last night, that's for sure! The rest of the week will be much cooler than it has been. We'll see highs in the mid to low 20s and lows between 10C and 14C for the next five to six days. The good news is that the skies will be mostly blue! Sounds like perfect running weather! As long as my knee, hip, foot and ankle hold out...ha ha!

So, when you think of Canada, what do you think of? Maple syrup? Smoked salmon? Ice wine? Well, it's true that those are three of the more iconic things we have to offer, but there is more to Canada than that. What does Canada bring the world? I thought you'd never ask! Ha ha!

French Fries
That's right! Most of the world's french fries come from Canada. One third of the frozen fries in the world come from one Canadian company-McCain's. The town housing the factory is known as 'The French Fry Capital of the World' and is also home to the worlds 'Potato Museum'!

Baseball Bats
The majority of major leaguers use Canadian-made bats from a company called Sam-bat. They are stronger because they're made from maple, unlike American bat makers who use ash to make their bats.

Racing Bicycles
In the 2008 Olympics, athletes riding on Canadian-made bicycles won 10 medals. The company is called Cervelo and they use the same technology as F1 racecar makers and their bike also won the Tour de France in 2008.
Canada is the world's largest exporter of maple syrup AND lentils. If you've ever eaten lentil soup, chances are they come from Canada. 95% of the world's lentils for export are grown in Saskatchewan.

I didn't know this, but many countries have their coins made in Canada. In fact, Canada makes coins for over 60 countries in the world including Mexico, Norway and Columbia. The largest mint makes about 20 million coins a day!

If you've ever ridden down a waterslide at Disneyland, you've probably used a slide made in Canada. A BC company is the largest water attraction maker in the world and they export slides all over the globe-even to Japan!
water slide 
So, there's more to Canada than beer and ice hockey! I just never knew it! ha ha! Now we both and the one person who reads my blog...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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