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Well, it's looking like another gorgeous fall day out there. We should see highs of around 24C and blue skies today. Tomorrow will be exactly the same. Make sure you enjoy the next two days because Typhoon 27 will bring with it rain and windy weather for a few days in the middle of the week. As of right now, it looks like it'll follow the same path as the last one, so it should miss us...whew! But don't get too excited...Typhoon 28 is right behind it and we still don't know where it's headed...

I saw a couple of interesting articles in the news the other day and I wanted to share them with you-they're both kind of interesting.

The first one took place in Niigata. Did you hear about it? An express train was passing through a tunnel at the same time as a steam train. Of course the steam train burns coal and makes a lot of smoke. When the express train passed through the tunnel, it filled up with smoke from the steam train causing one passenger to push the emergency stop button.
 steam train
The train was stopped on the tracks for about half an hour before the crew decided it was safe to continue. It turns out that there was a train festival being held along the line that day so there were some steam trains in use. Of course JR apologized for the delay and have stated that they will change the train schedule to prevent it from happening again. That is a very typical Japanese answer, don't you think? Of course it's the perfect solution and if it were a regular occurrence, then it makes the most sense. But the festivals happen only a few times a year I, here's an idea. Why not just make an announcement to the passengers that there's a special train festival that day? It sure beats all the trouble of completely changing the train schedule just for the odd day, don't you think?

The other one isn't funny at all, but the translation is interesting. A survey of university kids who are job-hunting turned up this information. Apparently about 20% of kids who are struggling finding a job stated that they 'wanted to die' or 'disappear'. That's sad. But that's the way life is-if you're not a full-time working member of society (or at least married to one-I'm still looking for a rich, beautiful woman to walk into my life and sweep me off my feet...ha ha!) than life can be very difficult in Japan. The funny part is a cultural difference-when I read the headline, I thought, "So what? I wanted to die last week when I spilt my coffee at Tully's!". Ha ha! You see, we love exaggerating. To say 'I wanted to die' or 'I wanted to disappear just means I was so embarrassed.
When I first read the headline, I figured the students were just embarrassed about something, but it turns out that they literally wanted to die.
 dying of embarrassmet
That's sad. If it were me, I'd say "no worries"-they're what? 22 or 23? Way too young to be wanting to die over a little thing like not finding a job. Hey! I know! Why not apply at the UN?

Have a great day!

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