How to pick a Canadian out of a crowd.

Good morning everyone,

It was almost 'hot' yesterday, wasn't it? Today is going to be pretty much the same-maybe a tad cooler, but otherwise, it'll be a bright sunny day. Then there is the rest of the week...clouds will roll in tomorrow and then we'll see rain on Thursday and Friday and possibly Saturday as well. It's going to be a bit cooler too. Highs most days will climb just above 20C. I have to say, it's probably time to put my shorts away...that'll be today's job.

Actually I dug out a sweater last night and threw it on before I went out for a beer and it reeked like mold. Luckily I went to a place that used charcoal grills so nobody noticed...I hope.

My friends said I really looked like a 'foreigner' last night. I laughed and said 'Don't I always look like one?' and they said that they sometimes forget that I'm not Japanese! Ha ha!

Well, how can you tell if someone is Canadian. There are some dead giveaways...

The toque
I don't care if Americans call it a beanie. It is, and always will be, a toque and it is so Canadian! And it's not just for keeping your ears warm-it's also a fashion accessory.

Anything Plaid
plaid shirt
Plaid is a staple in any Canadian's wardrobe. It's always sexy! And very, very Canadian!

Canada Goose Parka
canada goose parka canada goose parka1
If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me! So, who says you can't look great in a parka! In Canada, we always look great! Ha ha!

Hudson Bay
Hudson Bay
This coat has been worn in varying styles (but always the same color and pattern) for generations! My great-great grandmother had one and now my niece has one too. This jacket never goes out of style in Canada!

Anything you wear with the Roots logo shows you as a true Canadian (or at least a Canadian at heart)! This is Canada's own sportswear company and they've come up with our Olympic uniforms for ages now! Oh Canada!

Ahh...going through all these pictures makes me a bit homesick. You can be sure that today, I'll go out wearing a toque, a plaid shirt and carrying my Roots bag...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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