Too busy to take care of yourself?

Good morning everyone,

The forecast has changed a bit and now it's looking like we can expect to see some rain today-starting around lunchtime and then continuing again tomorrow. Friday and Saturday are a bit up in the air, because it depends on whether the typhoon speeds up or slows down, but Sunday is looking nice. It'll be a perfect day for a race-a high of 20C and mostly sunny skies.

So, we all lead busy lives, I know. But there are some things you shouldn't skip doing:

I'll be the first to admit that I don't floss every night before bed. However, after reading the stats on it, I'm going to start! We all know that flossing helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, but did you know that it also reduces your chances of having a heart attack?! That's right! Flossing regularly reduces the risk of heart disease.

Wearing your contacts to bed
wearing contacts
Well, I don't wear contacts, so I'm safe here, but have you ever worn your contacts to bed? Apparently wearing your contacts reduces the flow of oxygen to your cornea to help it stay healthy. Is it a pain to take them off? I have no idea. I figured it would only take a few seconds. No?

Not removing your make-up
wearing makeup to bed
Again, I'm pretty safe with this one...most days! Ha ha! Wearing your make up to bed means that your pores remain blocked and clogged over night and increases your chances of getting blackheads or pimples. On a more serious note, your mascara could also come off in your eye and scratch your iris.

Getting your 'fruit' in the form of juice
fruit juice
It's 100% juice, so it can't be bad for me, right? Well, sort of. The problem with drinking fruit juice is that you get the sugars from the fruit, but you don't get the fibre. And drinking juice is no better for you than having a can of Coke.

Wearing old sneakers
old running shoes
I learnt this one the hard way. I wore my first pair of running shoes for almost two years and racked up over 1000km on them. Then I ran a half-marathon in them and my knees were killing me. Why? Because even though the sole still looked ok, the cushioning and support becomes compacted after about 6-8 months. And it isn't only for runners, if you run, walk or do another exercise like aerobics 3-4 times a week, you should get a new pair of shoes every six to eight months. Don't skimp on getting new shoes. The pain isn't worth saving the $50. Trust me, I know.

Not wearing your seatbelt
wearing seatbelts
You figure you're just popping out to the supermarket, so you don't need it, right? Nope, wrong again! Putting on your seatbelt is the single most important thing you can do to prevent injury while in the car. And it's also true that over 50% of accidents occur within 5km of home! So, buckle up!

Does anybody have anything else they feel we shouldn't skip even in our busy lives? Post it in the comments!

Have a great day!

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