Food mislabelling...I don't think so!

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The nice weather continues today and tomorrow with highs around 21C or 22C and mostly sunny skies. Sunday is still looking like rain although it may not start raining till the afternoon...I hope!

Have you been following the new food scandals in the news? It started with a major hotel admitting that they had 'mislabelled' some menu items. What they were doing is called 'fraud' and I can't believe that no one is talking about closing down the restaurants and firing everyone involved above middle management level!
You don't accidentally mislabel menu items. It's lying. And it's a crime. When you order 'fresh orange juice' and pay about $10 for it and it's actually frozen fresh juice (what the heck is 'frozen fresh juice' by the way? Ha ha! It's either frozen or fresh...I'm pretty sure it can't be both! Ha ha!) you are being defrauded plain and simple.

And now that one hotel has admitted it, others are starting to come out of the woodwork with their own admissions. This is obviously a big problem.

I always hear people say they check that the food labels when they buy stuff to make sure its from Japan, but how about when we go to restaurants? How can we check? We can't. Therefore we need the government to help protect us from lying, dishonest, greedy, fraudulent restaurant owners who are stealing our hard-earned money.

As for me, I don't eat in expensive restaurants so it doesn't affect me-I know that when I'm eating fish and it tastes like it could either be 'mutsu' or 'mazeran ainame', I'm pretty sure it's the latter! Ha ha! But I don't mind, because I'm not paying through the nose for it. If I were the kind of person who went to those expensive restaurants, I'd be really, really ticked off right now.

So, what can you do? According to the should ask the staff. that is going to work. They've already lied on the menu, as if they will suddenly say, "Oh! No. It's not really Kobe beef. It's from Brazil, but don't worry. It tastes just like it's from Kobe". I don't think they'll fess up, do you?

Has honesty become too expensive? It seems like it in the Japanese food industry...

What will be the fall-out from this? Maybe many people will start eating at cheaper least you get what you pay for! Ha ha!

There's only with their heads! (if you're a new reader, it's a joke I often made in the past)

Have a great day! 

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