Congrats to Rakuten!

Good morning everyone,

The temperatures this week will hover around 20C and we can expect mostly sunny skies except on Thursday and Sunday. To be honest, they're a bit unsure about those two days so the forecast could change. As of right now, let's enjoy today and Wednesday-both should be sunny!

We have a new Nippon Baseball League Champion!  It's the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles! (who may also have the longest name in professional baseball!  Ha ha!)
tohoku eagles
Sunday night they dethroned defending champions-Tokyo Yomiuri Giants in the 7th game. The entire Tohoku region, which is still recovering from the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011, has been cheering for the team. The Eagles have been one of the biggest supporters-financially, physically and emotionally-for the region since the disaster and have given the people something to cheer about.

We're equally happy for them down here in Hiroshima. Their season makes for a great story!  Besides, we'll cheer for ANYBODY besides the Giants, right? It's just like back home, the only Yankee fans are in New York-everybody else hates them! Here in Hiroshima we cheer for the Carp (of course!), but if they can't win, we'll cheer for anybody who is playing against the Giants!  Ha ha!

Congrats to the team! And congrats to the ace pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka, who came into the game in the 9th inning to close out the victory.
 masahiro tanaka
He had a dream season-including the playoffs his record looks like this: a 26-1 record, three saves, 213 strikeouts, and a 1.31 ERA in 241 innings. Not too shabby, eh? (I'm joking!  That's an incredible season!) He has already said that he wants to head to the majors to try his luck there. I think that's why he wanted to pitch in the 9th inning so badly...

And Congratulations to Senichi Hoshino who had been to the finals 3 times before and walked away empty-handed the first three times.
senichi hoshino
Not this time. The 66-year old manager, sat on the bench with tears streaming from his eyes while his players ran on to the field.

Which one is a better story?  I  don't know, but I  was a bit teary-eyed myself watching this game unfold.

Is it only me who thinks that it's the Carp's turn next year?
 go carp
C'mon Carp!  Let's put together a season like that next year!

Have a great day!

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