Too much of a good thing...

Good morning everyone,

It's another gorgeous fall day out there! It'll get up to around 22C or so today and be sunny all day and the forecast has changed for tomorrow so we can expect the same weather tomorrow, Friday and Saturday! Sunday is a bit up in the air...they were calling for rain and now they have no idea...ha ha! I'll keep you posted about the weather on the weekend-till then though, you should enjoy this great autumn weather!

Last week I went to Miyajima to enjoy the great autumn weather and I enjoyed it so much that I went back again yesterday! Ha ha!

It seemed a bit more crowded yesterday though...of course I didn't bother going to Itsukushima Shrine this time. Instead I decided to walk up Mt. Misen. However, one of my friends slept in and we didn't get started till around almost noon. That meant that we had to give up on climbing the mountain and took the ropeway instead.
misen ropeway
It was ok but I've ridden it before so it wasn't that interesting for me...I would much rather have just cancelled the whole plan and waited to go up Misen when we had time to actually climb it.

Anyway, it was a great day and if you've ever gone up it, you'll know that even if you take the gondola, you still have a 30-minute walk to the peak. So, I got a bit of exercise...I decided not to go for a run in the morning because I figured we'd be climbing up the mountain for an hour and a half or so...but not nearly as much as I would have liked...
mt misen
After our climb the beer tasted great! I was a bit disappointed because the lady last week told me that the beer changes every week, but it was the same three kinds as last week. I guess she's used to 'real' tourists who don't come back a week later to see if the beer really does change! Ha ha!

And, of course, the grilled oysters were great again! I skipped the 'anago meshi'-once a year is enough for me! Ha ha! It tastes great, but it's way too pricey for what you get, if you ask me. So, when they wanted to go for lunch I recommended getting it to go so we could sit outside and I just ordered a bowl of vegetable soup. I don't know why, but I didn't have much of an appetite yesterday...

It was another fun day but I think that'll do me for at least month or two! Ha ha! Miyajima is like chocolate cake-one piece tastes soooo good that you want another, but once you have the second piece, it doesn't taste nearly as good as the first one...ha ha!

Next week, I'll be staying home on my day off and then in a couple of weeks or so I'll check out a new place. There are still tons of places I haven't been to around Izumo, Dogo, Onomichi...

Have a great day!

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