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Good morning everyone,

It's looking like another great fall day out there. The high should get up to around 20C or so and we can expect mostly sunny skies all day. Tomorrow will be pretty much the same with some clouds rolling in later in the day. For now they are still calling for rain on Sunday, but I'm still holding out hope that they'll change the forecast before then. After Sunday the mercury will drop and we'll see highs of only 15C or so next week.

I've ben using the same iPod to play music in my school since it opened and I bought it when I was living in Morioka so I've had it for over 7 years or so. It's one of the original 'video iPods'. Because I keep it plugged into the player, I never really worried about the battery. However, last week I bought a couple of new CDs online and wanted to upload them to my iPod, but I couldn't because the battery died between the time I disconnected it from the player and connected it to my computer! Now, that is a battery that is low on power! Ha ha! And because the battery couldn't hold a charge, I couldn't connect it to iTunes to upload the new songs I'd bought.

The way I saw it I had three choices.

I could buy a new iPod but this was the worst of the three options. Of course it's the most expensive-these days a new iPod will set you back around ¥20,000 if you want one with a lot of memory. And besides that, they've changed the connector so I'd either have to buy a connector-adaptor or a new music player as well. Both of which are a hassle and an additional cost.

The second option was to send it to Apple to get them to put in a new battery. It costs around ¥10,000 to have a battery replaced (for my model-the cost depends on the model, yours may be cheaper or more expensive). ¥10,000! That's highway robbery! The bloody iPod isn't worth half that! Ha ha!

The third choice was to buy a battery and install it myself. Well, the local electronics shops don't sell them so I would have to order it online. It cost just under ¥2000 including delivery and I had to wait a few days.
ipod pattery changing kit
And that's what I did. I figured that if I somehow broke my iPod, it was zero risk. It's out of warranty, it's 7 or 8 years old and if I break it I'd have to buy a new one (which is option #1 anyway) and if it worked, I'd save money and feel good about myself for accomplishing something new (not to mention feeling good for saving money!)

It was a snap! There were a couple of tense moments when I first starting taking off the case and the 'tool' they provided me was falling apart, but I got it separated and got the battery disconnected. Connecting the new battery was also a bit stressful, but I plugged it into my player and it charged up and started playing music!
ipod battery change 
 It was a great feeling! Like finishing a race! Today I'll upload the new music and add it to the playlist! 

If you need someone to change your iPod battery-just ask me! I'll do it for the low, low price of one beer (not happoshu)!

Have a great day!

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