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Good morning everyone,

It's going to be another gorgeous fall day today. Sunny with a high in the low 20s. Enjoy it because the clouds will roll in later tonight and we'll see rain most of the morning and early afternoon tomorrow. The rain should stop after lunch tomorrow and it'll be sunny on Monday and Tuesday. However, it'll be much cooler-both days will see highs of only 14C or 15C. It's almost time to break out the sweaters! Almost...

So, how much do you spend on trying to keep looking young? For some people I think it's a lot! The pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars every year selling us vitamins, creams, pills and whatnot to make ourselves look younger.

I've got some good news for you! You can get most of the things you need to keep looking young from what you eat! And the hundreds of dollars you save every year can be donated to important causes like the "Jerry Beer Fund"! Ha ha!

Seriously though...

If you want to get your skin, nails and hair looking soft and healthy eat your broccoli. This green vegetable contains sulforaphane which helps your liver detoxify your system. If your liver isn't working properly you end up with dry, scaly skin, nails and hair. And it also has tons of Vitamin C which helps your immune system!

When we think of oranges, we always think "Vitamin C" and, it's true-oranges are a great source of the important vitamin. However, did you know that they also provide you with collagen? That's right! The skin-firming collagen you are paying for in pill form is found naturally in oranges!

Want to keep your heart healthy? Drink cocoa! It keeps your blood circulating and blood vessels healthy. Try to avoid too much sugar though...

Get your fish
We all know how healthy it is. It's full of Omega-3! But what the heck does Omega-3 do? Well, it help fights cancer, keeps inflammation down (so it's great to eat sushi after a race!) and it also keeps you from getting skin problems like atopy and psoriasis.

Sweet Potatoes
sweet potatoes
They taste great when roasted in the winter! And they help keep your skin thick and healthy! How? They contain Vitamin A which helps keep your digestive system working and zinc which helps your body make its own collagen! Just don't deep-fry them! Ha ha!

grilled chicken
That's right! This dinner table regular should be even more regular! Ha ha! It's got zinc and selenium which help your body produce collagen and it's also defends against skin damage which accelerates aging!

Do all of these and you'll end up a spring chicken! And you'll save a ton of money!

Have a great day!

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