Good morning everyone,

Yesterday wasn't nearly as rainy as I feared it was going to be. I barely needed my rain suit on the way to work and didn't need it at all on the way home. Today will be a fair bit cooler-in fact for the next three days we'll see highs of only 15C or so.  The good news is that it'll be accompanied by sunny weather. Actually, this weather is perfect for running!  (Once you get past the first 5 minutes of feeling cold.) It's looking like Thursday and Friday will be rainy and warmer with highs around 17C and 18C.

So, in the Commonwealth (the group that is made of former and current colonies of the UK) today is Remembrance Day where we remember current and former armed forces members who fought for our country. Back home, it's generally a pretty solemn day.

But in Japan, November 11th is an entirely different kind of day...do you know what day it is today?

If you thought of sticks, bread, and pretzels...you'd be right!

It's Pocky Day! For those of you back home who are thinking, "What the heck is a Pocky?", don't worry, you've come to the right place.
A  'pocky' is a sweet snack made in Japan by one of Japan's oldest and largest candy manufacturers-Glico. It's basically a pretzel dipped in chocolate (now there are tons of flavors).

And Pocky Day?  
pocky day
Well, it isn't really a special day to be honest...it's just a marketing gimmick thought up by the company to sell more of their products. Today is 11.11, the four 'ones' look like long sticks...and Pocky are longish stick s...so, today would be Pocky Day. It's the day-according to Glico-that Pocky rule the snack world!

And back home we have the 'spaghetti kiss' made famous in the Disney movie, "Lady and the Tramp"
Lady and Tramp spaghetti
...but here in Japan, they have the 'Pocky kiss'.
pocky kiss 

Also there is something called the 'Pocky Game'. Have you ever played it?  Basically you take a Pocky and place it between two friends. They slowly eat it and the first one to pull away is the 'loser'. Ha ha!  Sounds like the kind of game teenagers would make up!

So who will you be sharing your Pocky with today?

Have a great day!

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