Christmas/New Year/Emperor's Birthday

Good morning everyone,

So, where did that rain come from yesterday evening? It certainly caught me by surprise. I almost did my laundry yesterday morning...luckily I didn't! Well, today and tomorrow will be cool and sunny both days with highs around 15C. Thursday and Friday might see some rain and warmer temperatures-around 18C. The weekend is looking like a mix of sun and clouds and seasonable temperatures. Watch out for next Monday-as of right now (and I admit that it's a week away) they are calling for a high of only 12C! Brrr!

This year I had hardly any special events. I think with my new students coming in one-by-one it's a bit hard for them to join a party when they feel like they don't know anybody.

But, having said that, I'm going to try one more time. I wanna' have some kind of party on Dec 22nd...

Is it for Christmas?
christmas party
Or for New Year's?
new years eve party 

Or for the Emperor's Birthday?
emperor birthday
ALL THREE-it's a Sunday, but the Monday is a national holiday.

The only problem is-I have no idea what to do. The way I look at it, there are two choices.

One is to go out to restaurant and have drinks and food. I promise I'll choose some kind of place that has a nice atmosphere and isn't too expensive.

Or the other is to have the party at my school. If we have it at my school, I'm thinking about charging people and then providing food, drinks and a small Christmas present.

Whichever we do, we need to decide quickly. 

So, I need your help. Which do you think is better? Or do you have a completely different idea that you think is even better? I'm open to suggestions...even if you have no intention of coming to the party, your ideas are still welcome!

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Have a great day!

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