Taking a bus tour...and I mean it this time! ha ha!

Good morning everyone,

Is it cold enough for you? Actually, it should be a degree or two warmer than it was yesterday. We can expect sunny skies turning cloudy later and a high around 16C today. Tomorrow will be rainy in the morning with a high of 19C and the rain stopping probably before lunchtime. Saturday will continue to be warm with a  high of 18C and sunny skies-definitely the best day this week-and then it'll cool off a bit on Sunday before dropping down to 13C for Monday and Tuesday! Where are my longjohns?!

Ok...so yesterday I started to write about taking a bus tour, but I couldn't get it right, so I changed the topic without changing the title. Oops! I wonder how many of you noticed? Not that many I suppose...ha ha!

Anyway, today I'll finish the story I tried to start yesterday. As you know, I've taken a couple of trips to Miyajima recently and found them pretty relaxing. It was nice to do 'something' on my day off-otherwise I just end up doing the same thing every week. It makes me a bit busy, but as long as I do something new, I feel re-energized.

And going to Miyajima again, no longer counts as 'something new'...ha ha! So, I wondered, "What else can I do?" And then, that very day, I came home and there was a flyer in my mailbox about taking a bus tour. How serendipitous is that? (serendipity is one of the coolest words in the English language!) Did you get the same flyer? It was a  week or two ago from the Yomiuri Travel group.

I figured that all of the tours would be on the weekends, but there were actually a lot available on Tuesdays as well! Including one coming up the end of this month-it's a mystery tour! We don't know where it's going! A bit risky, but it's cheap (about 5000 yen) and, more importantly, it's on a Tuesday! ha ha!
all you can eat
I wonder where I'll end up...

Wherever it is, I bet I'll have a lot of chances to take selfies! Ha ha!
bus day trip 

Has anyone ever taken a tour with Yomiuri Travel? Is it good? Is it worth it? I'm not a big fan of riding the bus, but I figure if it's a day trip, we won't spend that long on the bus, will we? Right? Plus it'll be fun to get out and see more of the places around Hiroshima City. Don't you think so? Anyway, I'll try one of the tours over the next month or so and let you know if it's worth it or not!

Have great day!

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