Hozumi-ke Jutaku

Good morning everyone,

I know it was warm yesterday afternoon, but in the morning and evening when I was riding to and from work, it was pretty darn chilly! Anyway, you should enjoy today! It'll be almost as warm as yesterday and sunny! Tomorrow will be warm as well, but there is a 50% chance of rain during the day. Monday and Tuesday will be cold-highs of 12C are expected for both days, then it'll slowly warm up and we'll see the thermometer get back up to 17C by next Friday.

Recently, the city of Takahagi in Ibaraki has got together with local industries and converted an old home into a restaurant. And it's a fantastic idea if you ask me!

The restaurant is called Hozumi-ke Jutaku. It is in a home that was built in 1773 by the Hozumi family who were a wealthy farming family at that time. It was declared a cultural property by the prefecture, but didn't attract many visitors...until someone decided to make it into a restaurant. Now, there are waiting lists and the number of visitors to the property have increased greatly.
traditional japanese restaurant 

We should do something like that in Hiroshima. Let's take a piece of property in the in area, say Hiroshima Castle or Shukkeien Garden. Both of them have buildings or spaces that are completely unused at the moment. There is a building (or two) in the garden that have been perfectly recreated to be used for tea ceremonies, but are used only once or twice a year. What a waste! Tourists would pay good money to attend a traditional tea ceremony in a Japanese garden.

Or why not build a replica dining hall next to the castle (or in the castle) and have guests served dishes that were served during the time that Hiroshima Castle was in its heyday. The staff would wear traditional server's clothes and people could eat and drink like they did hundreds of years ago!

Hmmm...the more I think about it, the better it sounds! I think I'm going to send my idea off to the Hiroshima City Council. What do you think? Do you think my idea would fly?

Have a great day!

PS I haven't heard any feedback from people about the idea for a Christmas/New Year's Party. Does that mean that people aren't interested in either one. Hmmm...maybe I should just forget about it for this year...what do you think?

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I think your idea sounds nice!! I wonder why the Hiroshima City Council doesn't consider more seriously about its development. 惜しい 広島!!!