The Quarry

Good morning everyone,

Well, they are still calling for a chance of rain today. I have to work so it doesn't really affect me, but I feel a bit bad for a lot of my students who had plans today. I hope the rain holds off for them...and to make matters worse, Monday and Tuesday will still be cold, but now they will be cold and cloudy.  I  probably could've put up with the cold if it was going to be sunny, but cold and cloudy!! It sounds like a miserable couple of days coming up. From Wednesday it'll warm up slightly-to around 16C and be sunny as well. From  Wednesday through Saturday it'll remain around 16C and sunny.  That's the good side I  guess...

So, did I  ever tell you about 'the quarry'?  First of all, a quarry is basically a big hole that has been dug in the ground from construction companies removing rock. Near our place there is a huge limestone quarry that was abandoned ages ago.  It filled up with rain water and melted snow over the years and became a great spot for swimming in the summer. My father told me about it, so I guess it must have been around for ages!  Ha ha!

elora quarry
By the way, this picture is the actual quarry we swam at (not just a random photo of any quarry)...

We often spent lazy summer days there.  There was a nice flat area to sit on in the sun and the water was cool and so clean that you could see right down to the bottom. It was where I  learnt how to swim.  You have to remember that our house was around 1700kms from the ocean. That's almost twice as far as the drive I took from Morioka to Hiroshima (it was around 1000kms). I don't think I  saw the ocean till I  was in grade 8 and went to Florida with my friend's family.

Anyway, about the quarry. It was a great place for swimming and an even better place for skinny-dipping. When I was working at a wedding resort during my uni days, we'd often swing by there after work and go for a skinny-dip. It was so relaxing after a hard night's work. And, yeah, there were guys and girls, but it was totally harmless fun (at least for me), but I  must admit I was a bit naïve. I had no idea that people were hooking up after the quarry. I'd just go for a swim and head home and I didn't even notice or care that there were naked women with us (to be honest, it was so dark that I  could barely see two feet in front of my face!  Ha ha!).

The topic of 'quarries' came up in class the other day and brought these memories flooding back...ahhh....the good old days...

Have a great day!

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