Is Japan still expensive?

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It's a chilly morning out there! The low is around 4C and the mercury will only climb up to 13C today and tomorrow. Luckily they've changed the forecast and we can see a mix of sun and clouds for both days. And it will get warmer throughout the week, but don't expect much-the warmest days will be next weekend and they are expecting to get up to 16C-that's all! Brrr! (But not as bad as northern Hiroshima-they are expecting snow tomorrow!)

I know that in the world, Japan is still considered an expensive place and when you look at the traditional ways we measure cost of living, it still is. Those ways include housing (renting or buying), utilities (gas, electricity, water) and groceries. All three of these are way higher in Japan than Canada.

But there are a few ways in which I think Japan is cheaper than Canada. The three I can think of off the top of my head are; eating out, cell phone services (not the cost of the phone, but the monthly package) and tv services like cable or satellite...
Eating Out
eating out
As far as eating out, there isn't a big difference between Japan and Canada-you can find cheap and expensive places in both countries, but we save a lot of money in Japan by not having to tip. Now in Canada, 20% is considered an average tip. That's outrageous if you ask me. I was a waiter during my uni days and we got 10%-15% and we were making a fortune! I can't imagine how much waiters earn now! Probably more than I do working 60 hours a week! Ha ha! And also it 'feels' more expensive in Canada because it is so cheap to eat at home-the price gap between eating out and staying home is not nearly as wide in Japan. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Japanese people go out more than we do back home...

Using cell phones
I can't even talk to my friends about cell phones because they won't believe how much cheaper they are here than back home. In Canada, cell phone packages are all start from around $100-and while it's possible to pay that here, my phone bill is regularly in the $50 range-almost half what they pay in Canada!

Cable TV/Satellite
watching tv
Tv services means cable or satellite tv. Of course basic tv is free in Canada and Japan, but if you want cable or satellite back home, the average cost is around $65 per month. That's without any special channels like movie channels or premium sports channels. I pay that much for my phone, internet and cable combined here in Hiroshima! Again, it's about half what they pay back home!

So, I'm not sure...overall, I'd have to say that Canada is still cheaper than Japan, but not nearly as much as it used to be...

Have a great day!

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