Zombies! Run!

Good morning everyone,

It's another gorgeous fall day out there. Yeah, it's a bit cool. But it's sunny and that's all we can ask for. Besides, it'll get up to around 12C today and then the rest of the week highs will be around 16C or 17C. Perfect weather for running-as long as you keep your ears warm!

Speaking of running, I found this really fun running app. It's not free-it costs about $4 but it's pretty fun!
zombies run
It's a mix of gaming and running. What happens is, you lace up your shoes, put on your headphones and turn on your music as you normally would. Then every now and then, you hear them...it's a moaning, shuffling sound coming up behind you and you have to run!
Then, between songs they'll give you an update on the zombie mobs and the settlement you're living in. Basically-like in the movies, zombies are slow but they never go away so the community needs runners-people to go out and collect necessary items for the people who live there. That's your job! You just run and they'll cheer you on and warn you when zombies are getting close!

Then when you get home after your run, you sync your run with your computer and use the points and items you gathered during your run to upgrade your base. I've only done it once so I don't know how interesting the computer part of the app is-it seems pretty boring so far...but other runners have given it good reviews. Maybe I just need to use it a few more times...
zombies run base
...but the running and the sprinting to escape from zombies every now and then during your run is pretty fun.

If you're looking for something to make you get out and run, I recommend it!

How about you? Have you found any cool apps recently?
Have a great day!

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