Beaujolais Nouveau Day

Good morning everyone,

I admit it. It was a bit chilly yesterday. I  even had to put on a sweater. I  still haven't turned on the heat at home yet. I don't think that'll last for much longer's a bit chilly as I sit here writing my blog. The forecast hasn't changed at all since yesterday-highs all week will be in the mid teens with a mix of sun and clouds. Monday may see some rain and next week will be a bit cooler...

So, do you know what day it is?  If you're a wine aficionado, you's Beaujolais Nouveau Day!  (Well, technically it was yesterday in Japan, but around the world it's today.)
beaujolais nouveau banner
What the heck is Beaujolais Nouveau Day?  It's the day when this year's first batch of red wine is released for sale to the public. Back in the 80s, this was an excuse for a party all over the world. It hasn't been such a big event in recent years, although many connoisseurs of wine still look forward to this day. Why?  Well, apparently you can make a good prediction of what this year's wine is going to be like in a few years by drinking the 'nouveau'. I  guess that means you can invest in the wine when it's cheaper...

For the rest of us, Beaujolais Nouveau is just a light, fruity, easy-to-drink wine that is best served chilled.

Oh, and it's still an excuse to party for some people...
hakone wine hot spring

Check out these people enjoying this year's Beaujolais Nouveau at a hot spring in Hakone. 

So, how about this year's vintage?  Well, it's tough to say. I  bought a couple of bottles last night-one expensive one and one cheap one-and I couldn't taste the difference. They both tasted pretty good to me!  Ha ha!  I guess I have a peasant's palate!  Ha ha!

I checked out some reviews of the wines from a Toronto wine critic, but it seems like we get different wines here compared to Canada...the ones we get here are all overpriced. The ones he reviewed were all in the $12-$14 range. The 'cheap' one I  got in Japan cost more than that. I think we're being ripped off here!

Anyway, they were really tasty and I enjoyed them both. Even if you're a casual wine drinker like me, I recommend picking up a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau-it's easy to drink!  It tastes almost like juice!

Have a great day!

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