5 Worst Places in Japan to Visit...

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Yesterday was a nice day!  Yeah, it was cool, but it is the end of November!  Today it looks like it's gonna' rain in the evening so if you haven't left for work yet, I recommend carrying your umbrella. Tomorrow will be cloudy and then we can expect a mix of sun and clouds on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The coldest day of the week is looking like Thursday night and Friday morning. The high will be around 11C and the low around 2C!  Now, that's getting cold!

I didn't do anything exciting yesterday and there isn't anything happening in Canada or Japan, so I  was digging for something to write in my blog and found a website called 'Reddit'. I  have no idea what the point of the website is, but I  did find some comments from posters about 'bad' experiences they had while touring around Japan.

According to them, the top 5 worst...I think they mean 'disappointing', not worst...anyway, the top 5 are...

#5 Tokyo-it's crowded, it's expensive, it's just another 'big' city, it's really crowded...it's really, really crowded...well, you get the picture!
I'm not sure I  agree with this one. Tokyo is full of unique places, just don't follow the guidebooks-get out and explore on your own!

#4 Sapporo Clock Tower-it's a building with a clock. I almost missed it when I  went to Sapporo. I totally agree with this one.
 It isn't anything special to see. I know that it has historical significance for Japan, but I think for the average foreign tourist, I  wouldn't even bother going to Sapporo unless it was winter and I could check out the Snow Festival or go skiing.

#3 Imperial Palace-it's a big palace that the Emperor lives in. Most complaints were that they couldn't get anywhere near the palace.
tokyo imperial palace
Hmmm...I'm not sure about this one. On one hand, I know how they feel. The first time I  went, I thought, 'Huh?  That's it?! Woop-de-doo! I  can't see anything', but I visited it again with some Japanese friends and there are tonnes of other things to see there that make it worth visiting.

#2 Tokyo Disneyland-it's crowded, it's expensive, it's just another theme park, it's really crowded, it's really, really crowded...well, you get the picture...
tokyo disneyland
Well, yeah. What did people expect?  It's Disneyland!  And what the heck are foreign visitors visiting Disneyland for anyway  It's the last place I'd go see if I were coming to Japan

#1 Roppongi...there's nothing there.
I  totally agree with this one too. Why is Roppongi even mentioned in the guidebooks  It's just a shopping area in Tokyo. I wouldn't go there unless I  was a millionaire or a 20-year old looking to get drunk (at night, the place is crawling with young people).

Well, overall, I have to say that they got this list pretty close. I'd disagree with Tokyo and the Imperial Palace, no trip to Japan is complete without seeing those two places. But the others?  Yeah, give them a miss!  You'll be happier for it....

What do you think?  Do you agree?

Have a great day!

PS  On a recent survey (of foreign tourists) the number one place they wanted to see in Japan was...Hiroshima!  That's right!  It ranked ahead of Kyoto! Go Hiroshima!

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