Yo! Chubby! Lose a few hundred grams!

Good morning everyone,

It's another chilly morning out there, but it's looking like today and tomorrow will be the only really cold days this week. I swear I saw some snow this morning! Tomorrow's low will be 2C and the highs today and tomorrow will be around 10C. After that, it'll warm up and we'll see highs in the low to mid teens from Saturday through next Wednesday.

I know that we always talk about Americans (and Canadians) being fat. But obesity is a growing (no pun intended) problem here in Japan. The ratio of obesity in Japan is almost the same as in the US and Canada for this member of your family. It's around 40% in all three countries...do you know who I'm talking about?
fat cat
Yep! The four-legged members of our families are just as fat here in Japan as they are back home. It's time for our dogs and cats to get off their lazy butts and get out for a run!

And it's totally our fault. We spoil them, we overfeed them, we give them treats whenever they look at us with those big eyes and now I see people taking their dogs for walks and the dogs are being carried or pushed in baby buggies. I'm sorry but that doesn't count! The dog needs the exercise as much as we do. I know that when I get a dog, he'll be going for long runs with me! I don't know about full marathons, but there's no reason why we can't do 5 or 10k together!

There's no way my pet will end up looking like this..
chubby corgi
Or this...
pudgy put
Or even this...
fat cat2
How about you? Have you got a chubby chihuahua or a fat cat at home? Time to put them on a diet!

Have a great day!

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