Black Friday-2013 Version

Good morning everyone,

If you thought yesterday was cold, you'd better stay in today. The low was 2C this morning and it'll only get up to around 9C today. Tomorrow and Sunday will be around 14C with sunny skies tomorrow and cloudy weather on Sunday. So far, all of next week is looking like a mix of sun and clouds and highs in the mid teens.

I think I wrote about 'Black Friday' last year, but I've written 364 blogs since then-there's no way I can say for sure! ha ha! I can barely remember what I wrote in yesterday's blog! ha ha!
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Black Friday is the most insane shopping day in America!

In America, the last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving Day and is a National Holiday. So, the day after Thanksgiving is when the shopping season for Christmas unofficially begins. And this is when retailers offer massive discounts to attract those Christmas shoppers. Some companies offer deals of 70% or more off! And the items that are on sale are current-not clothes from last season or electronics that were released ages ago and are already out-of-date. The sales are on the newest and hottest items, so people go crazy on this day!

Since the early 2000s, Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day in America, overtaking the last Saturday before Christmas which is now the second busiest day of the year for retailers.

And Americans must love deals because this is the result...
...and this...
....and this...
and this...
Every year people are shot, tasered, pepper-sprayed, stabbed, and trampled on this shopping day. Hey! I love a good deal as much as the next person, but seriously?! Is it worth killing somebody for? Or dying for? No way!

I'll wait until Cyber Monday to do my shopping...

Have a great day!

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