Cyber Monday (except Japan)

Good morning everyone,

There's not much to say about the weather. It'll continue to be around 5C or so in the mornings and get up to between 12C and 14C for pretty much the foreseeable future.

If you're like me, you like a good deal. Heck, everybody likes a good deal, don't they? But would you risk your life to go shopping on Black Friday?  No? Yeah, me neither! 

Starting about 10 years ago (2005 to be exact), we could get great deals online on the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend in America. Can you guess what it's called?  Wait!  How did you know...?  Ahh...the title of my blog gave it away, eh?
cyber monday banner 

So, Cyber Monday is the day where you can score tons of awesome deals without ever having to leave home! No fear of being shot, stabbed, tasered, pepper-sprayed  or trampled. You can be sipping a latte in your pjs while surfing online for great deals and nobody would know!  Ha ha!
cyber monday pyjamas 
But let's be honest-nobody actually dresses like this when they're at home do they?

Apparently I'm not the only person who thinks Cyber Monday is a great way to find good deals-last year, Canadians spent $18.9 billion online on Cyber Monday. The average shopper spent around $1450 on 13 different websites-for those of you who are arithmetically challenged (bad at math), that's just over $100 per site. Companies offer deals between 30% to 70% off for most items along with 'door crasher' specials.

But I saw on Wikipedia today that we now have 'Cyber Monday' in Japan as well. Really?!  I've never heard anybody use that expression here. And when is it?  Was it yesterday? Because yesterday was Monday in Japan, but it was still Sunday back's way too early in the morning for this...ha ha!

So, upon further research, it seems that has registered the term 'Cyber Monday' and will hold a sale from Dec 10-16 and can you guess what they'll call it?  Wait!?  How did you know?  Ha ha!  I suppose it's pretty obvious by now-yeah, they'll call it 'Cyber Monday' despite the fact that it's one week long and one and a half weeks late!  Ha ha! Heck!  I don't care what they call it!  All I know is that I  won't be doing any shopping on for the next week! I'll wait till December 10th to see if the things I want need...hmmm...ok...want go on sale!

Have a great day!

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