2013 Buzz Word(s)

Good morning everyone,

This time of year usually has lows around 4C or 5C and highs in the low to mid-teens and that is exactly what the weather will be like this week, along with a  mix of sun and clouds. There is a chance of rain on Friday, but it's a bit unsettled at the moment...

At the end of every year I look forward to hearing what the 'buzzwords' were. And then we move on to the next year and completely forget what they were! Ha ha! Do you remember last year's buzzword? I'll give you a hint...
That's right! It was 'ワイルドだろぉ'. When was the last time you used that phrase Yeah, me neither! ha ha!

And the year before that was 'なでしこジャパン'. At least people still use this one-in fact, it's still quite popular!

The winner this year is...

じぇじぇじぇ(je je je)
buzzword jejeje
-this word doesn't really have any meaning. It is an exclamation of surprise used in Iwate and popularized in the NHK drama, 'Ama-chan'. I lived there for 5 years and never heard anybody use it. Have you ever used it? And the friends I still keep in touch with from Morioka say they've never heard anybody under 50 use it either! Ha ha


今でしょ-(ima deshou)
buzzword ima desho
this word means 'Now, right?' but is probably best translated as 'Now or never'. It was first used by a famous cram school teacher in classes and then in tv commercials as well. It's probably my favorite one from this year.


 buzzword baigaeshi
this word means 'double payback'. It comes from the drama of the same name. I like the sound of this one, I want to use it, but I don't think that most of us have much chance to use it...


お・も・て・な・し (o-mo-te-na-shi)
 buzzword omotenashi1
this word isn't exactly new. It is used to describe the 'spirit of hospitality' and the altruistic nature of Japanese hosts. Ahhh...I suppose it might have been true some day a long time ago, but I've never witnessed it! ha ha! Anyway, each syllable is pronounced separately and is used in Japanese as a device to emphasize the meaning. Many young people have started using the same technique with other 5-syllable words like 'a-ri-e-na-i'. How about you?

This year is a bit strange-they couldn't choose just one buzzword, so they chose four! It's the most that have ever been chosen, in 2003 they chose 3 words but usually  it's just one. If it were up to you, which one would you have chosen? One of these? Or a completely different word?

For me..I like '今でしょ' because it has such a positive image like 'seize the day'.

Have a great day!

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