Who's going to Edion today?

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be another gorgeous early winter day out there with a high of around 14C and mostly sunny skies. You'd better enjoy it, because it looks like we can expect some rain tomorrow night and then the colder weather all next week with highs around 9C or 10C. Finally, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas-I might be going to Edion today to pick up a Christmas present for myself One of the great things about Japan is that teams have corporate sponsors and when the team they sponsor wins a championship, the company has a big sale! In Hiroshima, our local soccer team...

...Hiroshima San Frecce is sponsored by Edion (a national electronics company).

And...yesterday San Frecce won the Japanese Soccer Championship for the second year in a row
 sanfrecce 2013 champs
It was an unlikely victory as the Yokohama F Marinos had a comfortable lead with only two games left. The only way they could lose the championship would be if they lost both of their last two games and Hiroshima won both of theirs. No easy feat-the Marinos had only lost 6 games all season!  But somehow they managed to lose both of their last games!

And don't forget-it was only five years ago that San Frecce were relegated to J-2! (the 2nd tier league in Japan)
Then yesterday San Frecce beat the Antlers in Kashima to defend their J-League title!

Congratulations San Frecce

And lucky for us!  Because Edion will have a big sale!  In fact, many of the local stores get in on the act and have sales as well!  

Heck-I'll even do it....hmmm...let's see...what can I offer? Ok...Anyone, who comes to class today wearing a Hiroshima San Frecce jersey/towel/t-shirt will get a free bottle of maple syrup!  Oh!  And I have one momiji manju left over from my race in Miyajima, you can have that too!  Ha ha!

Seriously though, I'm looking forward to heading to Edion today after work! I  hope I can find a great deal!

And, not to end the blog on a downer, but it'd be nice to see the Carp do the same thing next year...I know, I know...I'm just dreaming!  But a Carp fan has to dream, doesn't he?

Have a great day!

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