Year in Review

Good morning everyone,

Did you get caught in the rain last night?  It was pouring on my ride home-luckily I'm a good boy scout, so I was prepared. (The boy scout's motto is 'Be Prepared') Today will be cloudy in the morning but the sun should come out around lunchtime(ish). It'll be cool though-there'll be a high of only 11C today and tomorrow.  Then Thursday, Friday and Saturday will see lows around 2C or 3C and highs of 9C or so. It'll be a bit warmer for the weekend with highs in the low of right now, there's no more rain forecast for the next few days.

Do you use facebook?

To be honest, my use of facebook dropped significantly this year-especially over the last couple of months.

However, I might be alone in that-facebook is becoming more and more popular every year. This morning I  saw an article that broke down the top 'events' on facebook this past year.

The top 10 topics in 2013 are:
nelson mandela1
10. Nelson Mandela. The passing of this iconic leader last week led to 55 million people talking about him on facebook.

tour de france
9. Tour de France. It's a two week marathon of a bike race-I guess that gives people lots of time to talk about North America we barely notice it, but I guess in Europe it's insanely popular.

8. Boston Marathon Bombing. Of course there were literally millions of people posting words of encouragement and defiance after the cowardly bombing at the end of this legendary race.

miley cyrus1
7. Miley Cyrus. What else can we say about Miley?  She danced around half naked for almost the whole year!  Of course people are going to be talking about her!  Ha ha!

harlem shake
6. Harlem Shake. I'm sure I  mentioned this in an earlier blog?  No?  Well, it's a popular song that became an internet sensation when 'normal' people starting making their own videos of the song. (Similar to the AKB48 phenom that passed through Japan a month or two ago.)

margaret thatcher
5. Margaret Thatcher. I'm a bit surprised that the 'Iron Lady' had more mentions than Nelson Mandela.  Maybe more British than average use facebook....I'm not sure...

typhoon haiyan
4. Typhoon Haiyan. This natural disaster that killed thousands in the Philippines led to an outpouring of condolences for the victims and survivors.

royal baby george
3. Royal Baby. Yep, all over the world people were chatting about the birth of the next, next, next King of England. It's a bit far away, isn't it? But a 'royal birth' is always big news I guess...

2. Election. Yeah, this one is a bit general. I'm not sure how they chose this one, but nonetheless 'elections' were the second most talked about topic on facebook in 2013.

And the most talked about subject is...
1. Pope Francis. He's the leader of the Roman Catholic church (there are about 1.2 billion members, so that gives him a bit of an advantage for people chatting about him). However, he is also very 'modern' in his thinking-he joined twitter!

So, there are the top 10 talked about subjects in the world. 

Here are some other highlights from facebook:

the Superbowl was the most talked about sporting event

the 'Conjuring' was the most talked about movie

'Scandal' was the most talked about tv show

'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk was the most talked about song

And the most visited place in America?  Of course it was Disneyland

However, here is the coolest part!  You can go and check out your OWN  top 20 for the year at Mine was all about running, going to Carp games, having picnics and bbqs. When I look back at the year, it was pretty fun! It makes me wanna' post more stuff next year!  

Have a great day!

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