Guys?! Really?! What are you thinking?

Good morning everyone,

It's a rainy morning out there and it's going to keep raining most of the morning-it may stop around lunchtime or in the early afternoon, but it'll still be a grey, dreary day-kind of like November in Canada. Have I mentioned before how much I hate November in Canada? (If you're a regular reader you'll know-about a hundred times! Ha ha!) Anyway, Saturday will clear up but it won't warm up-we can expect a high of only 8C both today and tomorrow. From Sunday we'll see the mercury slowly climb and we'll reach highs in the low teens by early next week. The middle of next week is looking like rain again... I've been listening to my Japanese friends over the past couple years go on and on about how men in Japan are becoming 'weaker' and women 'stronger' and I must admit that I never really paid much attention to it (how many women are presidents of the top 20 companies in Japan? I'll help you out-it's less than 1...) However, I saw some disturbing news in the paper recently that may give me some food for thought.

Now, I know that Japanese men are very fashionable-they were among the first to wear 'skinny' jeans and put on make-up as regular fashion accessory...I think I'm reasonably open-minded so I figured they could do whatever they wanted-it's their body, right? Besides, you can wash make-up off at the end of the day-if someone gets a tattoo, they're stuck with it forever!

But I'm drawing the line in the sand right here!

There is no way in the world that men should be buying these things...
mens bra
Bras are for women and women hate them! They're uncomfortable. Why in the world would you want to wear one? But some men are...and not just the weirdo, kinky types either. They are sellling about 300 of these bras a week on Rakuten! (or that could mean that there are a lot more weird guys in Japan than I thought...ha ha!)

Nor should you be buying these!
mens pantyhose
Ok...I've heard that they are useful in some very, very specific cases like scuba divers or horseback riders wearing them to prevent injury (jellyfish stings for scuba divers and chafe for jockeys). However, you can now buy 'leggings' which are sporty and cool. If you need to wear an extra layer of protection for whatever reason, please, please hang on to your manhood and don't ever, ever, EVER buy or wear pantyhose...

I now owe an apology to all the single women in Japan-no wonder you can't find a good man. Imagine if you went back to a hotel and were getting ' busy' and he took off his pants and was wearing pantyhose. If that doesn't kill the mood, I don't know what would! Ha ha

The closest thing to women's clothes that you'll find me in is one of these...
kilt sean connery 
And if Sean Connery can pull off a kilt, I reckon it's manly enough for me!

Have a great day!

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I couldn't stop laughing after reading this…But joking apart, men in Japan are over…I feel eerie when I imagine that all of or some of men passing by me on Hondori might wear those lingerie…Brrrrrrr

Re: No title

Ha ha! I never thought about it before, but after you mentioned it, now I wonder which of them are wearing pantyhose or a bra?