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Good morning everyone,

It's going to be a grey, dreary day today and tomorrow before we see some rain on Wednesday and then finally see the sun again on Thursday. Temperatures all week will hover between lows of 3C or so and highs around 11C.

I never get free samples
 free sample handout
I always used to think that shop staff and those people on Hondori handing out free samples didn't give me any because they figured I was a tourist and didn't want or need it (and wouldn't be a potential customer in the future), but even after going to the same shops for over five years now, they still don't give me any samples!  It can't be the 'tourist' excuse.

Then I reckoned that it was because I didn't look like I could afford to buy the real product. That one I can believe!  Still now!  Ha ha!

However, the main reason is because I'm a man . I saw a bunch of other men shopping at the same place as me or walking past the same girl handing out free samples and they didn't get samples either. If the product is make up, that would make sense (hmmm...given that Japanese men are now wearing bras and pantyhose, maybe not...ha ha!). But they were handing out free samples of shampoo, laundry detergent and dish soap. I know I don't have much hair, but I still need to wash it!  And my clothes need washing and my dishes need washing too! I guess it reflects the purchasing power in Japan. Women make the daily purchase decisions so companies target their free samples and ads at the women in the household.

And this is good news for me. Huh?  you say...well, the woman who lived in my apartment before me must have bought tons of stuff from cosmetic companies because I still receive catalogues for her (which I don't open of course!) and they also send so many free samples here. There is no way I'm going to let those samples go to waste-that would be 'mottainai', right And besides, she obviously doesn't miss them or she would have told the company about her new address by now, right And it's my only chance to get free samples  Ha ha! I can tell you for sure that L'Occitane sends the best stuff!
I probably can do without the samples of Playtex though...ha ha! (Playtex sells...ahhh...hmm...ladies products...)

And don't anybody call L'Occitane and tell them Those free samples are the closest thing I get to receiving a Christmas present in the mail!  Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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