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Good morning everyone,

Well, it looks like the grey, cloudy weather will continue today and tomorrow with rain also expected tomorrow. We might see some sun on Thursday and then it'll be mostly sunny from Friday. Temperatures all week will be around 10C-Wednesday is looking the coldest with a high of 8C.

Did you hear the news? Ayumi Hamasaki got married...again.
This time she married a guy who is 10 years younger than her-apparently he is some sort of med student that she met while in LA. He's just a normal guy-I wonder if that means I still have a chance with Norika Fujiwara?  Are you reading this Norika?  If Ayumi can find happiness with a  normal guy, so can you! (meaning me, not some other normal guy...ha ha!) And, yes, all most some a few people would say I'm normal.

Do you think it's cold out? Not even close! Today in my hometown, it feels like -19C with the windchill. That's too cold to make a snowman (cold snow doesn't pack could make a snow angel I guess...

Oh...and I've a basic schedule for the Christmas Party. Let me know what you think...

6:00-6:45ish Have dinner and a few drinks

Then...Open presents (we should do this first in case people have to leave early) and have drinks

And then...Have Christmas Cake-yes, ladies. You have to wait till AFTER you open presents to have cake (and drinks)

After that...Make a snowman (and have drinks)

Next...Some activity...hopefully make a gingerbread house, but it's not looking good...(and have drinks)

Finally...let's sing a Christmas carol (and have a few drinks!)

Have a great day!

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Aha ha...Your basic schedule is PERFECT, but you should rewrite some…
Like this...All through the party, we have drinks,...right? ;P

Re: No title

True...but it sounds more fun if I mention drinking again and again...don't you think?

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