Don't Scratch That!

Good morning everyone,

Well, the forecast for today has taken a turn for the worse-they are now calling for a chance of flurries at some point today. I was really hoping for the weather to stay dry till I got my new bike...oh well, I'll have to suck it up for another day or two...from Saturday the skies should clear up and temperatures will slowly rise till we get to highs around 12C by the middle of next week.

So, I was scratching my leg at the coffee shop the other day and I noticed that Japanese people don't scratch. Is it only in public? Or just you don't feel itchy? Then I got to thinking that we have a few superstitions about itchy body parts.

Did you know that if your left palm is itchy you will have to pay money to someone soon, but if your right palm is itchy you will get some money! But if you scratch your palm, it cancels it out. So remember, if your left palm is itchy you should scratch it soon! But if your right palm is, don't scratch it! Ha ha!
itchy palm 

And if your feet are itchy it means you'll be going on a long trip. If your left foot is itchy, it will be a pointless and wasted journey, but if the right foot itches,  you will have an enjoyable trip!
itchy foot 

And if your ears are itchy, then someone is talking about you. If your left ear is itchy, then people are saying bad things about you and if your right ear is itchy, then people are saying good things about you.
itchy ears 

Those are the most common three-everybody knows them. However, there are also some less common ones like if your left eye itches, you will experience disappointment in the near future, but if your right eye itches, you will have a meeting of some kind.

Finally, if your stomach itches, you'll receive an invitation of some kind...if you're lucky, it'll be to a really nice restaurant and the other person will be footing the bill!
itchy stomach 

Now I left palm, left ear and left foot always itch...I need to start scratching them more! Ha ha

Have a great day

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