Ahhh...I love the ward office...not!

Good morning and Merry Christmas everyone

Well, yesterday was downright cold. At least on the bike anyway-the wind was really strong! Today will be pretty much the same-a high around 9C and a mix of sun and clouds. It's looking like we can expect slightly warmer weather tomorrow, but it'll also rain in the afternoon...then it'll be much cooler for the rest of the week-lows will be around 0C and highs around 7C.

So, I went to the ward office yesterday...
 hiroshima nishi ward office
...to get a "Name stamp registration card"-don't even get me started on why! Ha ha! I figured it would be a breeze, I'd already registered that stamp at the Morioka office when I lived in Iwate. But no. Things are never smooth at the Ward Office. I thought the best and brightest people went to work at these offices after university. What happens to them? The staff I dealt with yesterday were beyond useless!
hiroshima ward office
Here is what they said to me-see if you can follow the logic. I certainly couldn't. Right away she told me that I couldn't use 'kanji' for the 'inkan' because my name wasn't 'kanji'. I said ok and then explained that I had used it in Morioka and asked why I couldn't in Hiroshima. She said the rules had changed so it was more difficult now. Again, very logical so I said, I should get one in 'romaji', because it's my name, right?...now here is where she lost me. Then she said I could get an 'inkan' in 'katakana'...I said, but my name is not in katakana, so what's the difference between using kanji and katakana I asked. She then explained that my name isn't in 'kanji' so I can't use kanji, but I could use katakana if I wanted to...merely repeating what she had said before and not giving me any reason whatsoever. This went on for a couple of minutes before I gave up...then she said that after I got an 'inkan' in katakana, I could change it to 'kanji' later if I wanted. What Are you following this? Even though I experienced it first-hand and am writing it, I can't follow it! ha ha!

So, I smiled and said thank-you and walked away realizing soooo clearly why some Japanese people lose it (get so frustrated that they do something stupid) and set fire to ward offices! Ha ha!

I wasn't that frustrated to be honest-I'd spent the 15 minutes or so on the way there, telling myself that it wouldn't be easy. Luckily I had, so I was able to keep a smile on face...

Until I went back the second time with the inkan I had at my school with 'Jerry' in 'katakana'. The staff said that I couldn't use a 'rubber' stamp. I asked why and she said because they can become 'dirty' and not be clear and then used my stamp as an example, but she couldn't find any unclear spot...ha ha! So she said, "Anyway, you can't use a rubber stamp". I said I understood, but that the earlier staff hadn't told me that. Her answer? "You can't use a rubber stamp" and then she gave me sheet explaining the criteria for 'inkan'. Then I almost lost it! I asked why I hadn't been given that sheet the first time! I wasted so much time going and getting that stamp when I could have made a new one instead. She just said it wasn't her that said it, so it wasn't her problem...then I smiled and asked if I could have a copy and calmly left.

So, I'll make an 'inkan' and try again later this week. But you can never, ever, EVER convince me again that 'Japan has good service'. There were no explanations, no apologies for mistakes and no efforts to provide any extra help. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. None. Those are the things that make good service. And I didn't find any till I went to Kanagaki....but that's a different story...

Have a great day!

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Frustrating!!! I understand your feeling, Jerry. Actually, I have had the same experience with you at the ward office and they really drove me up the wall !!
(Anyway let me apologize to you for their rude attitude, I'm not their boss,though . It's so embarassing as a Japanese. )

Re: No title

Well, frustrating doesen't even begin to describe it-but you don't have to apologize Junko. They weren't rude...just not helpful...and I've already forgotten about it...well at least till tomorrow when I go back...again...ha ha!