I'm a wannabe 'cool' guy...

Good morning everyone,

Well, today is going to be pretty similar to yesterday. There might be rain or not, but it'll be grey, dreary and cold all day. The sun will come out tomorrow although it'll still be mostly cloudy and temperatures will remain around 7C as the high and 0C as the low. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will slowly warm up, but not by much-we may see highs around 10C by the middle of next week...

I definitely binge (it's difficult to write the pronunciation-but it's pronounced like 'hinge' or 'singe' not 'bring' or 'sing'). Whether it's shopping, eating or drinking I am a binger...

I'll go a week or so without chocolate and then eat it non-stop for two or three days-almost to the point of making myself sick.

Or these days I never have 'a glass of beer'-if I go out, I always have five or six or more...

And shopping?  Well, this year I hardly bought anything all year. A t-shirt or two and a pair of shoes and then I went crazy this Christmas...well, it wasn't my fault about the bicycle...but even not including the bike, I bought a new GPS watch, a new guitar and I've ordered a new track jacket from Canada.

To be honest-I should've bought the guitar ages ago. The one I've been using was used when I bought it and the lower 'E' string hums when I play. And because I go to and from work by bicycle, I never could practice at home. With two guitars I can now practice during my lunch break and in the morning at work and whenever I've got time at home. And it isn't as if I bought a really expensive guitar-it's about 1/50th of the price you paid for the piano in your house!  Ha ha! But it looks cool, it's way easier to play and...well, it looks cool! It'll impress the chicks!  And don't believe what anybody else says-the only reason men play guitar is to impress women!   ha ha!
binge shopping fender guitar
As for the watch, well, I've been using the Nike one for the past 4 years and it's been good, but the company no longer supports it (kind of like Microsoft with XP), so there are no more updates and the accuracy is declining a bit. I've been thinking about getting a new one for a while...and the new one is so much better and...well, it's cool...and why do I run?   To look cool to impress the chicks!   ha ha! And it's also not that expensive-it's about half the price of any 'brand' name watch...
binge shopping garmin watch
Oh, and the jacket...well, this is the hardest one to justify...I've only worn the old one for about 4 years and it's still in good shape, but I keep seeing one guy with the same one as me at local races, so it's a bit embarrassing...and this new one is so cool...and why is looking cool important?  if you guessed to impress the girls, you're right! This one is also about the same price as you would pay for a windbreaker/warm-up jacket in Japan, but it's so...well...cool! Ha ha!
binge shopping canada jacket
So, the real question is; with my new guitar, new jacket and new watch-will I look any cooler? I hope so! Otherwise I wasted a lot of money! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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