New Year's Resolution

Good morning everyone,

Well, did that rain yesterday catch anyone else off-guard? Luckily my winter jacket is waterproof, otherwise it would have been a wet ride home...and today is looking worse than they had forecast. It'll be mostly cloudy and there's a chance of snow at some point today and temperatures this weekend will be cool-both days can expect highs of 6C or 7C. From Monday it should warm up a bit-we'll see highs of 10C or so for most of the week.

Are you any good at keeping your New Year Resolutions? Do you even bother making them anymore?

I do and I think they are a bit more important back home-what I mean by that is that almost everyone makes them every year. Sometimes they make the same one year in and year out...ha ha!

Last year I vowed to run a marathon, improve my kanji and eat healthier. Well, I ran a marathon and I was eating better for most of the year, although I fell off the wagon a couple of times. All in all, I made pretty good food choices this year. As for improving my kanji-not even close. I think I learned a few new ones, but only by picking them up through living here. I reckon I studied kanji hard for about a week and then less and less until I'd forgotten all the ones I'd learnt...ha ha!

How about next year? Have you thought about your resolutions for next year?

As for me, one of them is the same. I'm going to improve my kanji and I'm going to get serious about learning guitar. For the past year, I've just been going to the lesson once a week and then fiddling around with my guitar a few minutes here and there between lessons. Sound familiar? (I think that's what a lot MY students do! Ha ha!) Well, it's no way to improve your guitar or English skills. So, I'm going to try and practice for about 15-20 minutes every day (except Saturdays) and then one hour on Tuesdays and take my class on Sundays. If I can keep that up for a year and still don't see any improvement in my guitar playing, I'll have to give up and admit defeat...ha ha!
learning guitar 

And kanji is the same, 15 minutes a day and then one day a week for about an hour or so and we'll see if our kanji gets any better...
learning kanji 

That's it. Those two for this year. Of course I'll continue to try and eat healthy and keep running, but those aren't resolutions per se.

How about you? Can you keep your resolutions for more than three days this year? ha ha!

Have a great day!

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