Good morning everyone,

It's been really warm the past couple of days, don't you think?  And today will be warm and sunny too!  We can expect a high of around 13C today! From tomorrow we'll see a slight dip in the temperature and the rest of the week will see highs between 9C and 11C, but we'll still have mostly sunny skies. Not a bad start to the new year, eh?

Instead of hiding in my apartment for 4 days, I decided to brave the crowds and headed to Al Park yesterday to go see 'Gravity'-the space movie starring Sandra Bullock.
Of course it was crowded, but it wasn't as insanely packed as I was expecting...or maybe I've been in living in Japan so long that I've got used to crowds...

Anyway, the movie was great! It was tightly directed (meaning there weren't any wasted or unnecessary scenes) and Sandra Bullock was great. We also got to see George Clooney hamming it up for about the first 15 minutes of the movie-he really seemed to be enjoying himself actually.

And that's it. They were the only two people in the movie. The plot wasn't complicated at all-there was an accident while they were in space and they had to get back to Earth. Yet, it was very exciting and entertaining. It just goes to show that we don't necessarily need a lot of twists and turns in the plot to make a movie interesting. A simple story with good writing, good directing and good acting is enough.

I  suppose it also shows how difficult it is to get all three together in one movie.

But the cinematography and special effects were out of this world (pun intended)!  If you're the kind of movie-goer who enjoys seeing a taut action movie with exciting scenes and great acting, this film is for you. Critics are already saying that Sandra Bullock could win an Oscar for her performance-I'd give her one just for looking so fantastic at the age of 49! Ha ha!
sandra bullock gravity
Seriously though, if you're bored this holiday, you can't go wrong with this movie-and it's only 90 minutes so it won't kill your whole day!

Have a great day!

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