Eating in bed...

Good morning everyone,

Do you feel like it got really cold last night? I don't know why, but I felt like the ride home from work last night was freezing! Today will start out sunny, but it may cloud over in the afternoon or evening. It'll be warm though-we can expect a high of around 12C. Tomorrow is looking like we can expect rain...well, pretty much most of the day...also starting from Wednesday, highs will drop down to 6C or 7C and last till the weekend...

I know your mother told you not to eat in bed, so did mine...however, I'm here to say that you can make some exceptions when you're sharing your bed with that 'special' someone...

bed food honey
...but not the cheap, teddy-bear shaped bottle kind.  If you're taking honey to bed, go for a more 'adult' taste. Try wildflower honey-it's got a nicer bouquet (scent) and besides that you don't look like a lazy, cheap guy. You close your eyes and your partner puts a small dab on her body and then you have to kiss her body till you find it...then switch. How fun is that?

bed food champagne
I'm not the biggest champagne fan to be honest, but the tingly feeling on your tongue is very sexy. Alternate between sipping and kissing for a while and then pour a little on her body and clean it up with your tongue...very sexy!

I know what you're thinking...sushi?!  How can that be sexy? I'll answer your question with a picture...
nyotaimori.jpg that is sexy!

Chocolate Truffles
bed food chocolate truffles
Everyone knows chocolate is sexy, but breaking out a bottle of chocolate sauce in bed is a cleaning bill waiting to happen. Put a truffle in your mouth and wait till it melts it a bit and the smooth, creamy chocolates releases into your mouth...well, I can't do everything for you...use your imagination about what might happen next...

Gold flakes
bed food gold flakes
Yes, you can eat gold. It doesn't taste like much, but the decadence of eating gold is very, very sexy! Especially if you're eating it off of your partner's body!

Strawberries and whipped cream
bed food strawberries-and-cream
I know, I know. This one is traditional and boring. But don't go for the canned whip cream, make your own!  It's creamy, fluffy, and cool and not too sweet...and when served with's a recipe for success! Ha ha!

Hmmm...I'm getting a little about you?

Have a great day!

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