Day After Tomorrow-not the movie...

Good morning everyone,

Have you been enjoying the warmish weather the past few days?  The average high for this time of year is around 10C, but last week we saw highs of mostly 12C or 13C. Well, we're going to pay for it this week-we won't see the temperatures climb above 9C all week-basically they'll hover around 0C in the mornings (average for this time of year is around 2.5C) and climb to around 8C in the afternoons. Today we'll see rain almost all day, but the rest of the week is looking like it'll be fine.

So, have you been following the news in America? Most of Canada and America are in the grip of a 'polar vortex'. It sounds complicated, but it's quite simple. A vortex is weather that spins in one place-a typhoon is technically a kind of vortex, but it only lasts for a few days and it moves around. The polar vortex usually sits over the North Pole and spins the cold weather around up there. This year, however it has spun out of the North Pole and is spinning as far south as Florida where they are experiencing temperatures below zero-it's setting cold records all over North America.

Sounds cold, eh? Well, it's nothing compared to what they are experiencing in Winnipeg which was as cold as Mars last week! In the Midwest, temperatures dropped down into the minus 40s and with the wind chill, it felt like the minus 50s! In those temperatures, exposed skin can freeze in minutes!

My mom said that it isn't quite that cold around their home-it's only down to -25C or so...ha ha! I'm so out of practice with cold weather. I'd probably die if I  had to go back to Canada in this weather!  ha ha!

This cold weather has brought some new words to the general public-like 'polar vortex'. Of course this word already existed, but nobody used it except the weatherman. This year, everybody is using it!  ha ha! People are also talking about 'frost quakes', 'polar pigs' and the 'Siberian express'.

A frost quake is when the ground freezes and thaws quickly and causes the ground to shake and rumble, just like an earthquake-a really weak earthquake, but the feeling is the same.

A polar pig and the Siberian express are more common expressions that people have been using to describe this really cold weather instead of using 'polar vortex'. I've never heard of a polar pig before-apparently it's more common in the US, but we often say the Siberian express to describe a stretch of really, REALLY cold winter weather.

So, for the next week or so...even though it'll be colder than usual here...nobody is allowed to complain about the temperature! Just remember-back in Winnipeg, it's as cold as Mars!

Have a great and warm day!

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