Freaky fun!

Good morning everyone,

Well, remember when  I asked for snow yesterday? I got it! I was so surprised when it started snowing just before I left for work. It was so exciting! Today and tomorrow will see highs around 10C-the two warmest days this week. The rest of the week will see highs a couple of degrees will be mostly sunny and tomorrow will start out sunny and then cloud over in the afternoon.

Have you got a webcam?   Do you ever chat with your friends or family on it?

If you do, you have a chance to use the newest app flying around social media. It's called 'face substitution'. It allows you to alter your face to resemble a famous person.

You've probably seen similar apps on phones, but the big difference with this one is that it doesn't adjust a photo-it works in real time! After you connect to a webcam feed, the app will detect 70 points on your face and then combine them with face recognition technology. Then it will apply the features of a famous person to your face. That means that while you are chatting with your friends overseas, you can change your face to look like 'Barack Obama'..
face sub obama

or Brad Pitt...
face sub pitt

or Michael Jackson..
face sub jackson
It keeps your skin tone and it moves around with you so it looks pretty realistic. Of course, it's a bit American-centric at the moment so it has some faces that you probably don't recognize like Kim Kardashian or Walter White. (a reality star and a character in the most popular tv program, "Breaking Bad" respectively) The designer admits that it doesn't have much practical use at the moment-he said this is basically a prototype, but that it could have more practical uses in the future.

I don't know what you could use it for actually other than freaking out your parents!   ha ha!...I suppose we'll see games in the future where the avatar resembles the user's face but with their features changed to resemble...well, whatever or whoever they the top of my head I can't think of any practical use for it...can you?

Have a great day!

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