Don't be too honest...

Good morning everyone,

Well, yesterday wasn't too bad as the day went on-it got up to around 10C at one point. And the next week or so is looking exactly the same. Almost every day will see a mix of sun and clouds, highs around 10C and lows around 2C. There isn't really any rain in the forecast till the beginning of next it's looking like a nice winter week!

We're always told that honesty is the best policy-you can never go wrong with telling people the truth, right? Well, I'm not so sure...there are a few situations where it's probably best to keep your mouth closed and keep your opinion to yourself. Sometimes the things you say have no benefit to anyone and can only cause here are a few secrets that I'd recommend you keep...

The mother secret
 secret I-hate-my-mother-in-law

This is one of those secrets that’s good for you both. What’s the upside to telling her that you kinda' can’t stand her mother? Who does this help? Definitely not you. Nope. Nobody wins-besides it's not that big of a secret, is it? Hardly any people 'like' their mother-in-law, right?

The friend’s secret
 secret friends-keeping-a-secret

If a friend confides in you and swears you to secrecy, you have to treat that promise with respect. After all, you’d probably do the same for your spouse...hmmm...I'm not sure about this one. The standard in Canada is that if you tell someone a secret, they'll tell their spouse. I don't see how you can expect them to keep your secret from their partner...

The flirty secret
Sometimes, you’ll go out to a bar with friends and find yourself flirting with the bartender. But just because you do it, doesn’t mean you want to act on it - it just means you have a pulse. There’s a good chance you both do it, so don’t dwell on a little flirting (just keep your cell phone number to yourself).

The shopping secret

You just blew $300 on a pair of shoes that you definitely didn't need (and can't even fit in your closet!). If it's a one-time splurge and you used your own extra money, keep your lips zipped and move on. Only spill if you’re racking up credit card debt or using funds that the two of you have saved for something else - like a second honeymoon.

The ex secret
secret ex
Even if you're finally ready to "just be friends" with someone from your past, your current partner may not be on the same page. If the two of you are exchanging quick "hellos" over email or reconnecting on Facebook, it's probably not a big deal. But if you start to schedule a meet-up, that’s when honesty is the best policy and it would definitely be time to tell your partner BEFORE you meet your "ex".

Those are definitely secrets worth keeping to yourself...nothing can be gained from saying them out loud. Just keep them to yourself and...

Have a great day!

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