I don't think the internet knows me very well...

Good morning everyone,

Well, it was pretty chilly out there yesterday, wasn't it? I was planning on going for a short run yesterday, but I ended up having 7 classes in a row and was beat by the time my lunch break rolled around. There was no way I was going to run then! The weather today-and for the rest of the week actually-will be pretty much the same as yesterday. We'll see some sunny skies and some clouds and highs will be around 10C with a low of around 2C or so. There's a chance of rain the beginning of next week...

Do you ever read the spam emails that you get? Actually, I wouldn't recommend it-apparently just opening some of them will allow a virus into your computer. I never do-but even the titles of some of them are so funny

And the internet obviously thinks I'm an overweight, rich, sexually underperforming, wife-seeker...ha ha!

It's divided pretty evenly amongst those four as well.

I get spam that look like this...'Ride your way to slim' and 'Develop extra strength' or 'Lose that muffin top' (Have I told you about the 'muffin top' before?) Maybe they found that old picture of me online? ha ha!
 spam lose weight1

Some of them promise me that they have the best investment property or stocks that I can invest in...well, I don't know where they get their lists from, but they've got no chance of getting me to invest. I can't even invest in a new pair of gloves! ha ha!
spam get rich1

Or promising to help me be better in bed...I wonder which one of my ex-girlfriends gave them my address! Ha ha! They promise things like 'How to keep your GF happy' and 'Go for hours with this'...
spam improve performance

And, last but not least, they offer me the chance to find the woman of my dreams...I wonder if my mom gave them my address....hmmm...ha ha!
spam wife

Ahhh...I think I'll pass! Sorry mom! Ha ha!

Why don't they send me junk about things I might be interested in, like getting a new pair of shoes, running faster, finding a job in Canada, and ahhh...improving my sex-life...ok, so maybe they got one right...ha ha!

How about you? Do you get any interesting junk mail?

Have a great day!

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A funny and sexy (?)junk mail

I got a funny junk mail recentry, Jerry. It looks like this..." Hi, my name is Yurie. Don't you have a sex with me? (!?!) I'm waiting for you..." Of course, I passed. Then the second mail came from her like... " Why do you ignore me? I've already stripped off my clothes. I'm naked!! Come to me now ! Or I 'll get a cold ! Hurry, darling!!!"
What a stupid junk mail ! I'm also a woman. No GF is needed.
I don't think the internet knows me AT ALL, ha ha!

Re: A funny and sexy (?)junk mail

Please send her my email! Ha ha!