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Today's weather will be a carbon-copy of yesterday-a high around 10C and a mix of sun and clouds. Saturday and Sunday may be a bit cooler, but basically the same as today. From Monday the clouds will roll in and there's a chance of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday...

Have you heard the story about Garin Dart?
garin dart

He was a British expat living in Tokyo with a beautiful wife who was pregnant with their 2nd child, and running his own business. Then one day, he just disappeared.

At first, the police suspected foul play and feared that he was dead. Both the British and Japanese authorities continued to search for him until they discovered that he had withdrawn ¥6.8 million from his company account and left the country. After that, the case was dropped.

Now he has just resurfaced alive and well (6 months later) in England. And he's got  quite a story to tell...according to Dart, he was at a party one night with a friend of a friend and that friend had invited some Japanese yakuza. When the yakuza member got a little drunk, he let slip to Dart that he was going to kill somebody. Dart let that person know and he ran away to safety. Then the yakuza started threatening Dart and his family. They said that if he paid them some money and left Japan, they'd be safe.

He felt that his only choice was to pay off the yakuza-that's why he took out the money-and then leave Japan. me a cynic, but really?!   Are we supposed to believe that he would have done that and not told his wife? I highly doubt it. I believe he took the money and went on a 6-month booze and sex trip around South Asia and went home only after his money ran out...and when he was found, he concocted this amazing story about the yakuza.

Actually, that's a good idea, if I ever just want to leave Japan and run away, I'll use the same story...ha ha!

What do you think? Do you believe him? Did he do the honorable thing by running away to save his family? Or do you think he's just a thief and bad husband?

Have a great day!

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