They need how much?!

Good morning everyone,

Well, that bit of rain last night caught me by surprise-how about you? They aren't calling for rain today, but who knows? It wasn't supposed to rain yesterday...ha ha! They are saying it'll rain tomorrow and they've changed the forecast for Tuesday back to rain...<sigh>...I'm planning on going for a 22km run on Tuesday and I'm not looking forward to doing it in the rain. The rest of the forecast is looking pretty nice-we'll see highs of 13C and 14C by next weekend.
I have to admit that I'm not that good at planning for my retirement. Of course I save some money every month (well, almost every month...ha ha!), but I don't have a 'plan'.

However, after reading yesterday's news, I definitely think I need to come up with a plan. According to a recent survey in Canada, the average amount of money people think they need to retire comfortably is just under $1 million. That's a 'one' with six zeroes after it...I can probably save up that much if I use yen! ha ha! But dollars?! 
retirement 1million
And that's not the rich and affluent either-they expect that they'll need around $2.3 million to retire comfortably

Seriously, that's the kind of news that will keep you up at night
retirement sleepless night
I'm going to have to think long and hard about my future over the next short while, I guess.

How about you? Do you think that you will have enough money to retire comfortably?

Have a great day! (and oh, if you find $1 million lying around, please let me know! I need it to retire! ha ha!)

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