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Good morning everyone,

It's supposed to rain off and on later today, so you'd better take your umbrella with you. The good news is that it'll be nice tomorrow and the rest of the week. Unless you live in northern Hiroshima-then you'll see snow today, tomorrow and Wednesday. It will be cold tomorrow though-we can expect a high of only 6C. Then the rest of the week will slowly see the weather getting warmer until we hit the weekend and see highs in the low teens!

Every now and again a student will bring me something they bought at Yume Plaza.
yume plaza 
Do you ever go there? It's kind of a local farmer's market, but on smaller scale-but the great thing is that it's not in the middle of nowhere like most farmer's markets back home. It's right in the middle of downtown.  I'd like to say that I go regularly, but actually I've only been once or twice. The food that students bring me/show me/tell me about looks/sounds great, but I have no idea how they know what is going to be there. How do you find out? Whenever I go past, they're only selling dried fish! Ha ha! Or is it just luck? You have to go by as often as you can, because you never know what they are going to have on sale?

Anyway, on the weekend a bakery from Miyajimaguchi had a stall there. It's called エッフェル .
Have you ever been there? If you haven't, you absolutely have to try the apple pie! It's the best apple pie I've ever tasted. It might even be better than my mom's apple pie!  Don't tell my mom I said that! Of course, given the choice, I'd always take my mom's apple pie over any other one! It's made by MY MOM!  And besides my mom's apple pie has one ingredient that you can't find in a store-bought pie-it's made with love!

But all of that aside-this was the most amazing apple pie! I'd take a train ride to Miyajima, just to buy that pie!
effel apple pie

And, later in the day, I was teaching a class and learnt about 美術館. Have you ever tried it?  Basically, it's nabe but the soup is sake and salt and pepper. No soy sauce. No miso. No soup stock. Nothing but sake! 
bishuu nabe 
How come I've lived in Hiroshima for years and no one has ever told me about this nabe!? It sounds great! I'd love to try it. I know that they serve it at a sake brewery in Saijo, but that's a bit too far for me. Does anyone know anywhere in Hiroshima where I can try this awesome sounding nabe?

Have a great day!   

PS   Let me know if you know of any other great restaurants or bakeries! Or if you know about what's coming up at Yume Plaza.

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