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It's a bit warmer today with a high of 11C and a 0% chance of rain. I'll be going for a short run and then I may head to Costco for some grocery shopping after my early, EARLY morning class...Zzzzz....tomorrow will be nice as well and then we'll see some rain on Saturday before it clears up again on Sunday with sunny skies and a high of 9C.

Well, after the Cove sparked the wrath of the world about the dolphin hunting in Taiji two years ago, the outrage hasn't cooled down at all.

Even US envoy Caroline Kennedy is getting in on the controversy with a recent tweet (on that thing called Twitter-don't ask me about it! ha ha!) saying, "Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing. USG opposes drive hunt fisheries."
caroline kennedy tweet
Wow! That's pretty direct language for a visiting ambassador, don't you think? I wonder if the Japanese government is still excited about having her here? Ha ha!

Anyway, the response of the Wakayama Prefecture Governor was to invite Ms. Kennedy to Taiji to see the humane way that the dolphins are hunted/killed. Then today when the killing occurred, a blue tarpaulin was pulled over the site to block people from being able to see the process.

I'm not sure how I feel about it-I think both sides are a little guilty of stretching the truth a bit. The anti-dolphin hunters making ridiculous claims like dolphins are endangered (they're not) and the Taiji fishermen claim that eating dolphins is part of Japanese culture (it's not).
Taiji dolphin fishermen
Anyway, by covering up the hunt and hiding under the tarp (the tarp came out after this picture was taken), the fishermen look guilty regardless of the facts. Claiming it's a 'cultural' hunt is just an excuse I think. There are cultural traditions all over the world that other countries have dropped after realizing how barbaric they were-like slavery, burning witches, and using corporal punishment. What makes Japanese culture different? Isn't it possible that some things are better left in the past?

What do you think? Should other people 'butt-out' and leave Japanese cultre alone or should that be one part of Japanese culture that Japan should give up on?

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